All Commands & Shortcuts

This document lists all the commands in Hook for which there are keyboard shortcuts.

Hook honors the keyboard shortcuts that macOS users expect, including some handed down from NeXT and emacs.

Title menu (⌃T)

The title bar contains a Title menu. To view the Title menu, click on the label in the the title bar or its icon; or type ⌃T. The Title menu appears on the right of the title bar. It contains the following menu items.

a. Hook to New… ⌃⌘N
b. “Hook to New <Default Note-Taking app> (⌘N) (For example, “Hook to New BBEdit”. The app shown in this command is configurable in the Notes Preferences tab)
c. Copy Link (⌘C)
d. Copy Markdown Link (⌘M)
e. Hook to Copied Link (⌘V or ⌘L)
f. Reveal File in Finder (⌘R) (if the title item is a file)
g. Make Hook File (⇧⌘H)
h. Copy All Links (⇧⌃C) This copies all the links associated with the title bar item as shown in the Links section of the Hook window.

Link Menu (⌃L)

Each link (in the Links section) has its own Link menu. The Link menu is only displayed for the currently selected link.
To view the Link menu, click on the Link label or its icon; or type ⌃L. The Link menu contains the following items, which are the same as the Title menu, except they apply to the currently selected link.

a. Delete Link (⌘⌫)
a. Hook to New… (⇧⌃⌘N)
b. “Hook to New <Default Note-Taking app> (⇧⌘N) (The app shown here is the configurable in the Notes Preferences tab)
c. Copy Link (⇧⌘C)
d. Copy Markdown Link (⇧⌘M)
e. Hook to Copied Link (⇧⌘V or ⇧⌘L)
f. Reveal File in Finder (⇧⌘R or ⇧⌘return ) (enabled if the linked item is a file)

The keyboard shortcuts of the Link menu are the same as the shortcuts of Title menu, except they are prefixed by the SHIFT key (⇧). For example,

  • “Hook to New …” (⌃⌘N) creates a bidirectional link from the title item to a new object whereas
  • “Hook to New …” (⇧⌃⌘N) creates a bidirectional link from the linked item to some new object.

Opening a linked item (LINKS section)

Hook is all about opening linked items. There are several ways to do this.

  1. select it and type return,
  2. double-click on it,
  3. When you hold down the ⌘ key, Hook will display a ⌘# shortcut you can use to access links. For instance, the first link will visibly be accessible via ⌘1, the second via ⌘2, and so on. So:
  • ⌘1 opens the first linked item (if there is one)
  • ⌘2 opens the second linked item
  • ⌘3 opens the third linked item
  • ⌘9 opens the ninth linked item

Selecting a link

You can select links with arrow keys (up arrow, down arrow).

You can also select a link by typing the first letter of its label. If several links start with the same label, then type the first letter multiple times. (Further typing tricks are coming.)

Navigating Links (LINKS section)

It is possible to navigate the network of Hook links, using keyboard shortcuts you would expect. In other words, Hook implements e-macs style navigation shortcuts (⌃B, ⌃F, ⌃A, ⌃E), and also Safari navigation keyboard shortcuts (⌘ key combined with arrow keys).

When a link is selected, you can use the ▶ (right-arrow) key or ⌃F to “navigate into” the link. the Title bar of the Hook window takes on the name of this link. Therefore, the Title bar menu then applies to the linked object. the LINKS section is then updated to contain all the links of the item you’ve “entered”.

After you’ve navigated “into” a link, you can navigate backwards with the ◀ (back-arrow key) or ⌃B.

In sum,

  • select previous link: ⌃P and ↑ (up-arrow)
  • select next link: ⌃N or ↓ (down-arrow),
  • Select the first link in LINKS section: ⌘↑
  • Select the last link in LINKS section: ⌘↓
  • Navigate forward: ▶ (right arrow) key or ⌃F
  • Navigate back: ◀ (back arrow key) or ⌃B
  • Navigate to the end of navigation history: ⌘▶ (⌘right-arrow) or ^E
  • Navigate to the start of navigation history, which is the original context (title): ⌘◀ ^A

The navigation history is currently not saved across invocation of Hooks. (But that is coming.)

Gear menu (⌃G)

You can access the Gear menu with ⌃G or by clicking the Gear icon.

The gear menu, in the top right corner of Hook window, contains several helpful commands. You can use ⌃G to show the Gear menu.

Help Menu

The help menu has several commands. The ones with keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Help Center (⌃⌘H) eads to the online documentation.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (⌥⌘K) leads to this page.

So, as you can see Hook implements.

Menu bar icon

To show Hook’s menu bar window, ⌥-click on the Hook icon in the menu bar window.

The effect of an unaccompanied click on Hook’s menu bar icon depends on a setting in the General preference pane. It will either show the Hook window, or it will show the menu bar window.

The menu bar icon also contains a gear menu, which repeats commands in the Hook popup window gear menu.


  • ⌥ : option key
  • ⌘: command key
  • ⌃: control key

The status bar displays shortcut tips

The status bar contains tips.

Help Contents:

Help > General :