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This document lists all the commands in Hook for which there are keyboard shortcuts. Not all of them are visible in the app itself. Some commands have more than one shortcut.



Most commands operate on the item that is in the foreground of the current app (e.g., a PDF document, web page or email message behind the Hook window). However, some commands operate on the item that is currently selected in the ACCESS LINKED ITEMS section. They are listed below.

  • Access (open) the Selected Linked Item (return)
  • Delete the Selected Link (⌘DEL)
  • Reveal Selected Linked File in Finder (⇧⌘R)
  • Copy Selected Item as Link (⇧⌘C)
  • Copy Selected Item as Markdown Link (⇧⌘M)
  • Link Selected Item to Copied Address (⇧⌘L/⇧⌘V)

The last three commands listed above enable you to operate on the linked item without first needing to open it. That can save you time, and help keep you in flow.

  • Copy All Links (⌃C). This copies all the links listed in the ACCESS LINKED ITEMS section.

Gear menu

The gear menu, in the top right corner of Hook window, contains several helpful commands. You can use ^G to show the Gear menu.

Items marked with ** below operate on the current item (frontmost or selected file, task, email, etc.)

Menu bar icon

To show Hook’s menu bar window, ⌥-click on the Hook icon in the menu bar window.

The effect of an unaccompanied click on Hook’s menu bar icon depends on a setting in the General preference pane. It will either show the Hook window, or it will show the menu bar window.


  • ⌥ : option key
  • ⌘: command key
  • ^: Control key

The status bar displays shortcut tips

The status bar at the bottom of the Hook Window provides an indication of the effect of Hook commands. It also contains a “?” button for context sensitive help.

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