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If you need to renew your Hook Updates license please click here.

There are four different modes of the Hook productivity app:

  • Trial (free; full-featured temporary trial period with Pro features temporarily enabled),
  • Lite (free; mode kicks in after Trial expires),
  • Essentials, and
  • Pro.

The different modes are described below.

Trial Pro Essentials Lite
Price free trial $34.99 $19.99 free
Buy Now! Buy Now!
Hook items together
See and use unlimited number of links
Copy links ✓(and Copy All Links) to emails only
Copy Markdown links
Hook (link) to new items
Hook multiple items via menu bar icon
Make Hook files
Reveal files in Finder
Hide status bar
Automation and edit integration scripts
Copy Selection and Link, Generate search links
Pinboard, Instapaper, GoodLinks bookmarking (*[S]*)
Maximum number of Macs on which can use Hook N/A 3 2 N/A
Software update period (explained below) one month for 12 months for 12 months see below
Use indefinitely 30 days
Priority email Support

E-mail address to use when buying Hook

As part of the purchase checkout, you will need to specify an email address at which will send you two emails: a receipt and a license key.

  1. Please check that you type this email in carefully.
  2. If you don’t receive your activation key, please check your spam folders, and contact us if it’s not there.

System requirements

macOS 10.13.6 and newer official releases. Disabling SIP may cause problems with software including Hook.

Software Updates included for one year with Essentials or Pro, subsequent updates require an Updates License

When you buy Hook (Essentials or Pro), you can use Hook for as long as you want. However, we cannot provide free updates for life. So, each paid license of Hook gives you the right to updates that are released within 12 months of the activation of your Hook license URL key. If you install a version of Hook that was released after your Updates period has ended, Hook will ask you to downgrade to an older version or purchase an Updates License to get another year of updates.

Updates Licenses (renewals)

Before or after your initial 12-month license expires, you can buy an Updates License. An Updates License gives you access to all the software updates to Hook that will be released during the next year.

As noted above, even if you don’t purchase an Updates License, you can continue to use your licensed copies of Hook (but you will not be able to get new updated versions until you purchase an Updates License).

Click here for current pricing and to buy an Updates License.

Lite mode (free, automatically kicks in after Trial expires)

When the Hook trial expires, Hook downgrades automatically to Hook Lite. In Lite mode, users can generate shareable email links (hook://email), but not links to other types of items (such as files or tasks). Lite mode users can use (click on and activate) as many links as they like. They can use links they previously created and any links received from others. However, most other features are disabled in Hook Lite. Please refer to the table above.

Upgrading from Essentials to Pro

After applying an Essentials license, you can upgrade from Essentials to Pro. Activating your Upgrade license extends your Updates license for another 12 months. Upgrade from Hook Essentials to Pro for $19.99!

Educational pricing

Hook Essentials and Hook Pro are available at a discount to full-time students, faculty and staff members of accredited — as long as they are for your own use. Qualifying customers may use our Educational Store.

Paddle emails

It has come to our attention that on rare occasions, email sent from to Hook purchasers is silently blocked. We are working with Paddle to resolve this problem. In the meantime, if you do not receive email from Paddle about your Hook purchase within four hours, please contact us at


  • The duration and features of the Trial mode may be varied unilaterally by CogSci Apps Corp.
  • Prices above are listed in American dollars (though we are a Canadian company). We reserve the right to update our prices.
  • Additional software- and license-terms are in the disk image containing Hook, available from Hook’s download page.
  • [S]: Compatible software (e.g., OmniFocus, Instapaper, Pinboard, GoodLinks) not included, obviously.
  • Transactions are processed by which is the Merchant of Record for these purchases.

Languages: English. Hook currently will not work with certain apps when the macOS display language is not English. Some German and French apps are also supported. See this page for more details.

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