Using Hookmark with Apps That Are Not Displayed in English

As noted on Hook’s “Buy” page, and compatible apps page, Hook currently only officially supports macOS in the English display language. (See this Apple web page on macOS Display Language.)

Hookmark’s current limitation to English means the following:

  1. Hookmark’s display is currently presented in English regardless of the macOS display language setting. By “display” we mean the “user interface” (“UI”): labels, command names, etc.
  2. If Hookmark controls an app via AppleScript or similar automation, then the display language of the app is irrelevant to Hookmark. Hookmark uses “UI scripting” to control certain apps. They are flagged as such on Hookmark’s app-compatibility page. Normally, Hookmark’s integration works across system language settings even for these apps. But there may be exceptions.

3. User documentation is currently available only in English.

How users can overcome these limitations

Users who are proficient in AppleScript can overcome these limitations for their favorite apps by changing the names of the commands presented in Hookmark’s Scripts preferences tab for the corresponding app. CogSci Apps Corp. may also update scripts to work better in other languages with certain apps.