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The website has been updated with new command names. Link to Copied Address is now Hook to Copied Link and Link to New is now called Hook to New. These changes are in the 1.5 and subsequent updates to Hook.

The quickest way to learn Hook is with the Getting Started page.

Other help options:

  • Use the search tool at the top of this page,
  • Hook discussion forum, which has its own search tool.
  • “Yet More Help”, this page contains several additional help topics that are not in the main table of contents (on the right).

Key documentation:

Throughout the documentation pages, if you are browsing on a Mac, you will notice a table of contents on the right. At the top right of smaller screens (iPhone, iPad), there’s a navigation widget. The table of contents below is fairly exhaustive.

Hook is the simple, elegant and powerful macOS app that links your digital work.


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