How Hook Integrates with Your Favorite Apps

Hook is a unique Mac app designed to help you access and link content from any linkable Mac app. This integration also has benefits for your use of iPhone and iPad.

1. Information on using Hook with particular apps

If you would like information on how Hook works with one or more of your favorite apps, or how to use Hook with a particular app, you can search for the app on the Linkable Mac Apps – page. Many of those pages have entries for how hook works with particular apps, with URLs of the form like For example:

and many more…

You can also search Hook’s Software Showcases (on its blog), the Hook Productivity Forum, or this entire website.

2. Modifying how Hook integrates with your favorite apps

If you would like to customize how Hook communicates with some of your favorite apps (to link their resources) check out Creating and Modifying Integration Scripts. That also explains, technically, how Hook communicates with apps in general.

🇨🇦 A Canadian App

At its best Canada is a country that seeks to help everyone get along together and “synergize” (as Stephen Covey put it). Hook is developed in Canada with that Canadian philosophy. We aim to help you use software from different developers together, as if they were part of the same app. We help your apps work and play harmoniously together, so you can peacefully get your work done.

Help Contents

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