Hooked Links

Once you hook items together, you can use Hook to instantly navigate between them. A list of all the items linked to the current item are shown in the Hook window. You’ll notice there’s a section labeled “HOOKED LINKS”.

Please keep in mind when looking at these screenshots that the title of the Hook window changes as a function of the foreground item. And when you navigate links in the Hook window, the title bar shows the name of the link you navigated into (onto which you are focusing).

Accessing hook-linked items

To open an item in the “HOOKED LINKS” section, select it and press the return key or just double click it.

If the linked item is a file, it will open in the default app associated with the file or file type. The icon to the left of the link indicates what app that is.

In the Finder, this can be overridden for a single file or a whole type by using “Get Info” in the Finder to change the app assigned to open the file.

Keyboard shortcuts

When you press the command (⌘) key, you can see that each of the first 9 links has a number on its right. You can access the first link with ⌘1, the second with ⌘2, and so on to ⌘9.

You can also quickly select linked items by typing the number key corresponding to the item without command (⌘).

Link menu

Each link has its own Link menu, like the Title menu, which is revealed when it is selected. The links menu, like the Title menu, is opened by clicking the item, or with a hotkey (⌃L).

Most of the commands in the Link menu match commands in the Title menu:

There is one additional action specific to linked items:

  • Delete Link

Deleting a link removes the connection (link) between the two items, it does not delete the linked item itself.

Links can also be deleted by selecting them and pressing ⌘-delete

Navigating linked items (“focusing” on linked items)

When a linked item is selected, in addition to the down arrow denoting the Link menu, a button will appear at the right edge of the link. Clicking this button navigates into the linked item which becomes the current context item. It appears in the title bar and its own linked items appear in the links section. In other words, this causes Hook to focusing

This allows quick access to the network of links: items linked to a linked item (recursively).

Instead of using the button, you can navigate between linked items by selecting them and pressing the ► (right arrowhead) key on your keyboard.

You can navigate back to previous items with the ◄ (left arrowhead) key, or by clicking the < button that appears on the left side of the title bar when you have navigated into (focused on) a link.

Help Contents

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