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The Hook window is an extremely simple navigation tool. It has three parts:

  1. The title bar
  2. The Links section (which is blank if nothing is linked to the current item)
  3. The status bar section

The title bar

The title bar shows the current context, which is initially the document or item which Hook has been invoked on. Clicking on the title (or using the hotkey ⌃T) brings up a menu of actions which can be performed on the item.

These commands are the core of what Hook is.

Links section

Hook allows you to link items together. The links section shows a list of all the items which are linked to the current item, as shown in the title bar.

The most basic functionality is opening a linked item, which is done by double clicking it or by selecting it and pressing enter. However, there are many other ways to interact and actions to take on items in the links section.

Status bar

The status bar and gear menu are also part of the Hook Productivity Window.

The status bar displays messages about Hook’s current state.

On the right side of the status bar there is a gear menu. It contains Preferences, some context non-specific commands, and links to the Quick Overview and documentation.

If the current application is unsupported or Hook just cannot find a valid file or linkable resource, it will warn that No linkable item is available.


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