Copy All Hooked Links

Copy All Hooked Links copies a nice readable list of all the links ‘hooked’ to the selected item.

  1. If you paste this in a Rich Text document or HTML document, then you will see a list of nicely formatted links.
  2. If you paste this in a plain text document, if you paste this in a plain text document, you will normally get the Markdown formatted version automatically. If you paste it in RTF or HTML field, you will get a RTF or HTML field respectively.

This can be useful if you are writing a report or you want to share links with colleagues.

Hooking all these copied links to something else

Once you’ve done Copy All Hooked Links, you can hook all these links to one or more other items. There are two ways to do this:

First way: having copied hook links, invoke Hookmark on a single target item, and then use Hook to Copied Links. That will hook everything you’ve copied to the single item on which you invoked Hookmark.

The second way requires that you previously installed the handy macOS Shortcut we provide. Again, having copied hook links:

  1. select one or more files in the Finder,
  2. control-click
  3. select the “Quick Action” menu,
  4. and then hook all these links to all the selected files.