Hookmark Finder Extension

With Hookmark’s Finder extension you can access several of Hookmark’s commands by control-clicking on one or more files in the Finder. The commands are:

  • Open Hookmark Window
  • Copy Link(s) (yes, you can copy more than one link at a time)
  • Copy As Markdown Link(s) (Pro users only)
  • Hook Selected Files Together (only shown if you’ve multi-selected files)
  • Hook to Copied Link(s) (only shown if there is at least one link in the clipboard)

This youtube video demonstrates these Finder extension commands.

After installing the extension, just control-click on one or more files, and you will see Hookmark Finder commands in the popup menu.


Here’s what Finder’s contextual menu looks like when you multi-select files in Finder and control-click


To enable the extension,

  1. open System Preferences (called “System Settings” as of macOS 13 [Ventura]),
  2. search for “Extensions”,
  3. put a √ checkmark in the “Hookmark Finder Extensions” checkbox :


the screenshot above is drawn from macOS 12.


Hookmark’s macOS Shortcuts).

macOS 13

If you’re using macOS macOS 13, after launching Hookmark 5.1, you will be prompted by macOS 13 itself with a not too informative macOS 13 Systems Extension window. Please select check “Hookmark Finder Extensions” in that popup:


This requires Hookmark 5.1 or a more recent version.