Preferences Window

Hook’s Preferences window contains the following tabs. Some of these tabs are only presented in Hook Pro.


  1. General to apply Finder tags to linked files, and do even more;
  2. Notes. This is for the Hook to New feature: to configure the default Notes folder, default note template, and the names of new notes;
  3. Scripts (Pro users only) to add, edit and delete scripts for apps to use with Hook;
  4. Shortcuts to set up global keyboard shortcuts for displaying the Hook window; and for using Hook’s commands without even displaying the Hook window;
  5. Favorite Apps to choose the app used to open e-mail links (hook://email/ URLs);
  6. Sync between Macs and mobile devices;
  7. Tags : Finder tags, Pinboard tags and GoodLinks tags. Latter two require Pinboard and GoodLinks, respectively.
  8. Services (Pro users only) for configuring third party bookmarking services: Pinboard, GoodLinks, Instapaper;
  9. Advanced (Pro users only). For preventing Hook for searching specified folders when it resolves a new hook://file/ link; and
  10. Updates : when to check for updates.

There are additional preferences that you can only access from the command line or automation.