Services Preferences Tab

The Services Preferences Tab is where you configure accounts of web services with which Hook can interact. Currently that is only with the Pinboard bookmarking service. But we aim to add more, such as Instapaper and if possible GoodLinks.

In a nutshell, you can configure Hook to add a Pinboard bookmark for every web page with which the Hook window interacts. That way you can easily find those pages on iOS and iPadOS.

On the Tags tab you can configure Hook to add a from:Pinboard web page.

For more information: see Using Hook with the Pinboard Bookmarking Service – Hook. That web page includes two screencasts (by Jay Miller) and text explaining how to configure Hook to use Pinboard.

If you’ve ever used a Pinboard client before this tab will be very familiar to you.

Help Contents

Help > Preferences Window :

  1. General tab
  2. Notes tab
  3. Scripts tab
  4. Shortcuts tab
  5. Favorite Apps tab
  6. Sync tab
  7. Tags tab,
  8. Services tab and
  9. Update tab

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