Using Hookmark with GoodLinks

Hookmark is fully compatible with GoodLinks, a bookmarking app developed by Ngoc Luu. This app can also create a local copy of web pages that you bookmark. That means that if a bookmarked web page disappears from the web, you will still have access to it in GoodLinks. And you can access the content offline. Moreover, GoodLinks allows you to sign in to websites, so that you can even bookmark web pages that are paywalled or otherwise require a login.

When you select a bookmark in GoodLinks, you can invoke Hookmark and see everything that is linked to the original web page! You can also use all of Hookmark’s pertinent commands in GoodLinks.

Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link and Hook to Copied Link 💥

Hookmark enables you to link GoodLinks bookmarks to and from anything that is also linkable. You can use Hookmark’s commands in GoodLinks, such as Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, Hook to New, etc.

Hookmark’s Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link in GoodLinks return links of the same protocol scheme as the original page that was bookmarked by GoodLinks, which is typically `https://`. This means that when you invoke Hookmark on a GoodLinks bookmark, you will see the same hooked items as you would if you invoked Hookmark on that web page in a web browser.

For example, if in GoodLinks you invoke Hookmark on a bookmark of the current web page, and do Copy Markdown Link, you will get:

[Using Hookmark with GoodLinks](

which is the same link you would get if you used Hookmark’s Copy Markdown Link command on this page in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc.

Automatically add web bookmarks to GoodLinks 💥

When, in a web browser, you add a bookmark to Hookmark Pro, if enabled (in Gear menu > Preferences > Services), Hookmark automatically adds a bookmark to GoodLinks. That means you don’t need to remember to bookmark items in GoodLinks.

That also means that any bookmark added this way will be available on all your Macs, iPhones and iPads that are running GoodLinks. This provides yet another way for you to access key information.

Hookmark will not add your prior Hookmark bookmarks to GoodLinks. However, whenever you invoke Hookmark on a webpage, if GoodLinks is enabled and there is already a bookmark for that webpage in Hookmark’s database, then Hookmark will add that bookmark to GoodLinks.

No plugin, extension or bookmarklet required!

Hookmark works with all compatible browsers without you needing to install a plugin or extension! So Hookmark enables you to bookmark web pages in web browsers without you needing to configure them. You can instantly switch to any of dozens of Firefox browser profiles, or Safari, Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, etc. and Hookmark just works.

Automatically apply the from:Hook tag

Furthermore, as of Hookmark 3.3 Pro, Hookmark can automatically apply the from:Hook GoodLinks tag to the bookmarks that Hookmark adds to GoodLinks. This can be enabled in Gear menu > Preferences > Tags.

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