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Search less and focus more. Instantly retrieve relevant information on your Mac or the web. Use links like never before. Friction-free knowledge work The insidious friction in working on any project is searching for supporting digital resources such as documents, notes, outlines, data files, tasks, emails, and figures. By enabling you to link information, Hookmark

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Hook turns 3!

On July 10, 2019 Hook 1.0 emerged from public beta and officially launched. Hook has remained true to our original vision, as quoted in the original press release on PRMac: “Deep work requires quickly accessing documents from your Mac. Unfortunately, filing and searching are distracting, slow and effortful,” shares Luc Beaudoin, a cognitive scientist and

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Hook 3.3 Release Notes

Hook Version 3.3 (4542; Integration v. 183) is now available for download, or as an in-app update. (Build: 2021-10-13, 14:05). Executive Summary Programmatic integration with MerlinProject app. Using an advanced Terminal preference (defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook 0), the Hook app can now be brought entirely in the foreground. In foreground mode, Hook shows up in

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Hook 3.2 Show HN Hacker News (Ycombinator)

Earlier this week, we released Hook 3.2 (see release notes). Show HN allows users to post their own work, so I went ahead and shared it there on Ycombinator’s Hacker News. Hook 3.2 exec summary per release notes : New commands: Copy Selection and Link (⌃Q) (Hook Pro) and Open All Hooked Items (⌃⇧O); ⌃H

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Hook on MacStories “Find Without Searching”

MacStories is a daily publication about all things Apple that attracts millions of readers every month. We rely on MacStories too I myself (Luc P. Beaudoin) subscribe to “Club MacStories”. I look forward to their weekly email because it always contains thoughtful insights relevant to the Apple ecosystem in which I am a passionate participant.

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