Universal linking and navigation!

Hook’s popup window enables you to act on the currently selected item in the foreground linkable app. Whether you are in Finder, Mail, Safari, or one of many other apps, invoke Hook with ⇧⌘SPACE (or other means). Now start doing what used to be impossible:

  • Universal Copy Link. Instantly copy formatted links not just to web pages (though that is very handy), but also to files, emails, tasks and many more types of objects in various apps. Paste these links anywhere!
  • Hook links to files are robust: unlike file:// URI’s, Hook’s links to files (hook://file/) work even if you rename or move the files around.[2]
  • Hook items together. After you’ve copied a link, you can bidirectionally link (aka ‘hook’) the copied link to the current item using Hook to Copied Link (⌘V, because it also ‘pastes’ in Hook window).
  • Open hooked links. The Hook window shows you a list of all the items that you have ‘hooked’ (bidirectionally linked) to the current item. Hit ‘return’ on a link, or double-click it, to open the linked item. (See the next image for an example of hooks on this page.)
  • Navigate hooks. Recursively navigate the network of items hooked to the current item, with arrow keys or by clicking. This means Hook is also a link browser!
  • Hook current item to a new one. The Hook to New command instantly creates a new item in the app of your choice, names it, stores it, and ‘hooks’ it to the current item. Great for taking bidirectionally linked (‘hooked’) notes about a document.
  • Reveal current file in Finder. How many times have you wanted to quickly see where the current file is stored on Finder? Whatever the current linkable app is, just invoke Hook and Reveal File in Finder (⌘R). (Only works for files, not web pages of course.)*
  • Create a .hook file on Finder that when double-clicked will open the current linkable item, regardless of its type (web page, file, email, task, etc.). They’re in plain, editable text😊. [1]


Deep PDF links to specific locations in a PDF

  • when you select text in a PDF in PDFpenPro and use Hook’s Copy Link or Copy Markdown Link command, Hook create a deep link to the selection in the PDF! Click on the link, and Hook will take you back to the selection. Super handy for researchers, lawyers and others who work deeply with PDF. (Hook will support other deep linkable apps.)
  • Hook’s deep PDF links are also robust.
  • Hook’s deep PDF links can be shared.

More New Forms of Linking

  • Drag and drop linking. You can also drag files on Hook’s menu bar icon to hook them together (bidirectionally link them) in one or two drops.*
  • Create hook://search links. When you use them, Hook will trigger a Spotlight® search based on the link’s parameters.[3]

Effortless bookmarking

Hook is the world’s first truly universal automatic bookmarking app.

  • Truly universal : you can bookmark not only web pages (across browsers), but items in any compatible app (files in Finder, emails, tasks, notes, etc.)
  • Effortless: (a) Whenever you use Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link Hook will automatically add a bookmark. (b) When you hook items together, Hook will add one bookmark for each side of the ‘hook’ (if they are not already there).
  • You can also manually add bookmarks (⌘D).
  • You can search your Hook bookmarks. Just type ⌘F in the Hook window!

Having interacted with a resource with Hook is perhaps the most highly discriminative indicator of relevance ever invented. Try it, and you’ll be amazed!

Sharing the Previously Unshareable

Whether you use Hook’s built in “share sheet”, or its universal Copy Link command, you can share links to information that you previously couldn’t:

  • Share links to emails! As long as the recipient has a copy of the email in a linkable app and Hook, when they click on the link, the email will open on the their computer! This immediately puts you both in the same context, and gives them instant gratification.
  • Share links to files. Share copied file links (hook://file/…) that reveal the linked files in the recipient’s Mac’s Finder! Whether the file is in a synced or version controlled (e.g., Git) folder, or other location, if the file is indexed by Spotlight on their Mac, Hook can reveal it. No more long descriptions of where a file can be found!
  • Share “search links”. hook://search links, mentioned above, can also be shared. Help your family, friends and colleagues find the information they need by sending them search links. When they click on the search link, Hook will trigger a Spotlight search based on the link.

Markdown Innovation

  • Universal Copy Markdown Link. Instantly create a well-formed Markdown link with title and URL pointing to the current item, whether it is a web page, file, email, task, or any other linkable item. Paste them wherever you use markdown.*
  • Embed links to anything in your markdown documents. Hook extends the reach of your markdown documents. With the hook://file scheme, you can embed links to files without having to worry about what happens to your links should you move the files! And you can embed links to all kinds of objects. Great for taking notes, writing todo lists, and editing documents in Markdown.
  • .hook files can contain Markdown links. Quickly paste a Markdown link into a .hook file. Next time you double-click on the file, Hook will open its target.


  • Customize with AppleScript. You can customize how Hook controls apps, and add new integration scripts for other apps.*
  • Update Hook integration without re-launching Hook. Hook can automatically update its integration script without relaunching Hook.
  • Control Hook with AppleScript. You can programmatically access Hook bookmarks, see what is linked to a particular item, add Hook bookmarks and hook them together (Hook 1.6), and more. Use LaunchBar actions, Alfred workflows, Keyboard Maestro or other software.

Multi-mac and Portability

  • Sync with Your favorite technology (Beta). Automatically Sync your links between Macs using any underlying medium you choose: iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, even a floppy drive.
  • Import/export. Export your links in human readable format. Import them on the same Mac or a different Mac. The ‘import’ replaces the current links database..

More Features

  • View Recent bookmarks of any app in one place!
  • Hotkeys. Keep your hands on the keyboard using familiar keyboard shortcuts.
  • Configurable global keyboard shortcuts to Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link the current item.
  • Private. Hook data is not sent to us or synced to our servers. You can sync it with the technology of your choice (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.).
  • Customize how new items are created by Hook. Choose where items created by Hook’s Link to New command are stored, the default template for new files, and the prefix and/or suffix of new files.
  • Tagging linked files. Hook can automatically apply a Finder tag to any file you hook to something else. So, you can use Spotlight to find all the files you’ve linked with Hook.
  • Unobtrusive popup window. Like the Spotlight search window, Hook appears when you call it up (⇧⌘SPACE or another method). It is compact. And it disappears automatically when you’re done.
  • Quick Look hooked items (⌘Y or use the Gear > View > Quick Look menu.)

Even Works with Information Managers, Search Tools and Launchers

One of our major design objectives is for Hook to help you get more out of all your favorite apps. Hook works not only with special purpose apps (that deal with one or few file or object types), but

  • Hook also works with personal information managers like DEVONthink, EagleFiler, Keep It, Yojimbo and Evernote. For instance you can use the universal Copy Link function to link items in a personal information manager to an item inside or outside the information manager. You can use Link to New to create and hook items in your personal information manager to other items.
  • Hook even works with utilities and search tools, like HoudahSpot.
  • Hook also can be invoked from launchers. You can also access Hook’s automation from launchers (as noted above). You can even use LaunchBar’s “Send To” and many other features with Hook.

Open, no lockin

CogSci Apps not only are committed to interoperability, we champion it. It is in our DNA. The very purpose of Hook is to help you access and connect documents and data from all your favorite apps. That requires inter-app communication. Learn more.

In Sum

Hook is an innovative, well-rounded product created by Mac enthusiasts who have been doing R&D on cognitive productivity software and linking for nearly 20 years. Its universal Copy Link and other features enable you to reference and immediately navigate information that matters to you. This means you can often skip searching and get the full benefits of links. You know links are great for navigating the web. Now you and your network (friends, colleagues, etc.) can use them to access the information that matters most to you.

Our product road map will keep pleasantly surprising you with new features.


*: Pro feature. For a breakdown of Pro vs. Essentials features, see the Buy page.
1. .hook files are like Finder aliases and .webloc files except they are written in plain editable text, they are more robust (when they contain hook://file links), and they can point to any valid address (“URI”): to a web page, file, email, task, etc. Use Make Hook File * or create your own.
2 . Like Finder aliases, Hook file links (hook://file/) have limits; but they are generally more robust than aliases and web links. You can even unmount, modify, and remount the folders in which the target files reside (e.g., shares, version control systems (Git, SVN, etc.), and volumes (DMGs, external drives, etc.). And of course, unlike aliases they involve a URI (hook://file/), so you can embed the URI or link (name + URI) in any document or editable field, or use them in Hook to Copied Link. See Make Hook File – Hook for a description of Hook files and Copy Link – Hook for a description of Hook’s file and email addressing schemes.
3. For example, if you want a link that searches for “built-in templates” you could copy “built-in templates” and then use Hook’s convenient Copy a Search Link from Clipboard, which yields (hook://search/?q=built-in%20templates). You can design complex Spotlight queries with its keyword syntax. (e.g., from name:built-in name:templates you get hook://search/?q=name%3Abuilt-in%20name%3Atemplates). Paste the links anywhere. Search links can find anything indexed by Spotlight.

Download a free trial and see for yourself.

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