Hookmark: Interoperability at its finest

The very essence of Hookmark is interoperability, its purpose being to help you access, connect and bookmark information from all your favorite apps and online sites.

Hookmark’s key feature is Copy Link. It allows a uniform user gesture to create links to the information in your favorite apps.

Hookmark supports AppleScript / JavaScript automation. That means users can get their data out of Hookmark and add data to it with AppleScript / JavaScript.

In addition, Hookmark enables you to export your link data in an XML format for other apps to consume.

Hookmark: Extensible to meet your needs

Hookmark’s unique architecture allows it to support new apps and to easily adapt to the change of apps.

Hookmark Pro has an integration script editor. These scripts control how Hookmark interacts with other apps. That means you can inspect how Hookmark interacts with the vast majority of apps. You can edit those scripts to suit your needs or add new scripts.

Hookmark: Protects your investment with ease

We have worked hard to ensure you can use your investment in Hookmark.

  1. Hookmark Standard and Hookmark Pro are available for a one-time fee. Users can continue using it indefinitely.

  2. Hookmark Basic is free. You can consume links with it (and make hook://email links too). This means that if you want to stop adding links, you can still freely consume your prior links (and links from others). See the buy page for terms.

  3. Many Hookmark-generated links can be used without Hookmark. Hookmark’s Copy Link command preferably uses the app’s URL scheme. Typically, the URL of the link is the one served by the app in which it is called. You don’t need to use Hookmark to use these URLs. For example, if you use Hookmark’s Copy Link in a browser, you will get a http(s):// URL (or whatever the browser provides); if you use it in OmniFocus, you get an OmniFocus:// URL, in DEVONthink, a DEVONthink:// URL.

  4. Hookmark’s Copy Link only uses the hook:// scheme when it is of significant value. For instance, a hook://file URL is returned for files, which has substantial advantages over file:// URLs. Even so, you can override Hookmark’s default.

  5. URLs of hook:// scheme can be easily exported and converted to other formats through automation.

  6. .hookmark files are plain-text editable files (more general than aliases and .webloc files). This is designed to be easy to convert to other formats.

  7. Hookmark is based on an open architecture. There is an active community of savvy users and developers who help Hookmark work with various apps.