Hookmark App Videos

These videos are out of date because in Hookmark 5 we made some subtle changes to the user-interface:

  1. the “Title bar” ☰ button is now the “Action” ☰ button. It acts on whatever you selected.
  2. By default, the title bar item is selected, not the link.
  3. ⌘C, ⌘M , ⌘V, ⌘N and other ☰ button commands always act on the selection.
  4. Several new commands are available.

The videos still accurately convey the gist of Hookmark. Please do watch them.

Latest videos with latest Hookmark UI


Here are some screencasts to help you understand Hookmark and how it can improve your productivity. For some of the videos, you can click on the link to view it on YouTube.

How to use Hookmark

Live demonstrations

Examples, Benefits and Use Cases

Using Hookmark with particular software

With Hookmark 5.0

Hook 3.0 UI (same idea)


ScreenCastsOnline has some great video tutorials to help you get more out of Hookmark. See this blog post for more information.

About Hookmark screencasts

Some of the screencasts are made by CogSci Apps in-house.