Benefits of Using Hookmark

You have already experienced the revolutionary benefits of using links on the web. Hookmark extends this revolution: it enables you to instantly create and use links to the current addressable resource in any link-friendly app.

Here are some of the countless benefits Hookmark provides:

Hookmark: A cognitive tool to optimize your executive functions

Our major overarching objective in developing Hookmark is to help you apply your full executive functions (your consciousness) to your current task. By enabling you to file less, search less and simply access related resources, Hookmark keeps you focused.

A distinctive characteristic of world-class experts is that they are capable of rapidly accessing and storing information in their domain. (This is known as long-term working memory, as discussed in Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective). Hookmark extends your brain to enable rapid access to task-relevant information.

Whether your task is to write, learn, solve a problem or communicate, Hookmark enables you to do it better and faster — i.e., more expertly.

Hookmark is a CogSci Apps® invention for your cognitive productivity.

Are you ready to become more cognitively productive?

You’re a busy person who values knowledge and who is valued for your knowledge and expertise. When you want information, you want it fast. You can download Hookmark today and see for yourself how Hookmark can help.