Link Your Tasks to What They Are About: Accomplish Your Goals Faster and Track Your Time

Augment your task management software with Hookmark. Whether you use a complex tool like OmniFocus or Things, or something simple (like TaskPaper or a text editor), Hookmark has you covered.

To describe just a few examples:

  • Link entire OmniFocus tasks or projects to what they are about, or their sources.
  • Paste hook:// links, or other links you obtain through Hookmark, into your tasks (OmniFocus, Things, or any other Mac app).
  • Create efficient lists of information-based actions (e.g., your next actions can be links to specific files or other resources. So when you get back to work, all you need to do is click on that link to re-establish your work context!)

Check out this page on How to Turn a TaskPaper File into a Project Information Hub, which contains a helpful screencast tutorial.

Hookmark isn’t a task-management app, of course. Instead, it augments your task manager.