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Take control of your Mac and unleash your productivity potential. Hook links your most important files together so they’re always ready when you are.
It’s time to up your game.

Take your productivity to a whole new level.

Remembering to tag and save documents in the right folder and sub-folder can be tedious and time consuming. So is searching for that one file you urgently need.

Hook is the answer.

Hook lets you link all kinds of information together on your Mac or the web, keeping you focused and productive on what’s most important.

See how one simple window can boost your cognitive productivity.

Hook: The missing feature from macOS

Hook lets you use your favorite apps together, bringing up relevant files right when you need them.

Stay in the zone when writing

Nobody wants to scramble around looking for documents when they’re on a roll. Stay focused on your writing by letting Hook recall your outline, reference material, notes, images, contact information and more right when you need it.Learn more.

Become a note-taking ninja

Never wonder again about what a specific note is referring to. Use Hook to link notes with supporting data like websites, PDFs, email and nearly any kind of document you can think of. Learn more.

Instantly access any type of project information

Instead of trying to remember to save different files to specific folders and sub-folders, let Hook bring your most important work together. Whether it’s a todo list, email, Dropbox file, photograph, web page or note, Hook makes sure you’ll never lose track of it.Learn more.

Connect anything… to anything!

Hook doesn’t just work with built-in apps, it connects a raft of top productivity apps on macOS such as OmniFocus, Things, Task Paper, PDFPen, Skim, Sketch, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, Sublime Text, DEVONthink, and much more. Hook links your digital life! Learn more.

Be nicer to your network: email Hook links

It’s a hassle to receive an email asking you to edit a file, only to have to dig around iCloud or Dropbox to find the right one. With Hook you can send a link via email that reveals the right file on their Mac. It’s like magic, and they’ll love you for it. Learn more.

More from Markdown

If you love Markdown, you’ll love Hook. Hook lets you instantly create Markdown links to files on your Mac that you can paste anywhere. Learn more

A CogSci Apps invention

One app, infinite applications.

Hook does not replace your favorite apps; it empowers them! How? By enabling you to contextually reference and access their knowledge-rich content.

This innovative and indispensable app is inspired by cognitive science. Hook addresses the “meta-access” problem described by our co-founder in his first book, Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective.

Don’t just “consume” and forget information.

Do great work.

Apply knowledge.

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