One app, infinite applications

Hook supplies the missing links in macOS so you can instantly access the documents that are most relevant to your current task.

File less. Search less. Access.

Filing and searching drain your time and energy. In contrast, Hook lets you immediately navigate to key information on your Mac or the web. This keeps you focused on deep work.

See how one simple window can boost your cognitive productivity.

Hook links your digital life.

Do your best work by staying in flow, with Hook.

Apply knowledge.

Re-access the information you need to get your work done right now.

Desegregate your apps.

Navigate between mutually relevant documents of your favourite apps. For instance, instantly navigate between a PDF, spreadsheet and mind map.

Link & access your notes.

Instantly create notes in any scriptable app—without filing. Navigate between the note and what it’s about—without searching.

Share hook:// links.

Share robust links to emails and versioned (e.g., GIT, SVN) or shared (e.g., Dropbox) files that your colleagues can instantly open on their Macs. Saves you both time and effort.

Free Markdown.

 Instantly get robust Markdown links to any addressable resource, and insert them in any Markdown document. Or seamlessly use other link formats.

Get Hook productivity now

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It will then revert to Lite mode, which you can use indefinitely, or you can buy a license

A CogSci Apps invention™

For your cognitive productivity

To do great work, you need not only to read information, but to apply it later when it is pertinent to your focus.  Hook maintains your context so you can

create expertly,

learn deeply,

solve problems effectively, and

share your knowledge.

Hook does not replace your favorite apps; it empowers them!  How? By enabling you to contextually reference and access their knowledge-rich content.

This innovative and indispensable app is inspired by cognitive science. Hook addresses the “meta-access” problem described  by our co-founder in his first book,  Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective.

Don’t just “consume” and forget information.

Do great work.

Apply knowledge.