Shortcuts Tab

In Hook’s Shortcuts preferences pane you can configure several global keyboard shortcuts. Those are shortcuts that work even if neither Hook’s contextual window nor Hook’s menu bar window are open, so long as you’ve launched Hook. The global commands are

Each shortcut can be enabled or disabled with a checkbox.

Show Hook window (global keyboard-shortcut)

Hook supports having up to two alternative keyboard shortcuts for activating Hook. The default keyboard shortcut for showing Hook’s contextual window is ⌃H (control-key H). This is the command to use to invoke Hook.

You can assign a different and/or additional global hotkey or key combination with which to invoke the Hook window. This will override any other application which uses the same keys, so choose keys which won’t conflict with anything important. If you uncheck the checkbox to the left of the keyboard shortcut, Hook will not respond to the specified hotkey.

Please note that the default alternative keyboard shortcut is ⇧⌘space . That is: spacebar key while holding the shift and ⌘ keys down together at the same time.

Show Hook menu bar window (global keyboard-shortcut)

You can also configure a global keyboard shortcut for showing Hook’s menu bar window.

Configure Hook commands non-globally

You can also configure most of Hook’s menu items in the same way as you can most Mac apps. For instance, you can change the keyboard shortcuts for Reveal File in Finder.

Those are not configured on the Shortcuts tab, but in System Preferences. Just

  1. click on the Apple menu (top left)
  2. click on System Preferences,
  3. click on Keyboard, then
  4. click Shortcuts.

See: Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac – Apple Support

List of keyboard shortcuts for Hook commands

Hook has many keyboard shortcuts. They are listed in All Commands & Shortcuts – Hook. Reading that document is an excellent way to learn what Hook can do for you.

Help Contents

Help > Preferences Window :

  1. General tab
  2. Notes tab
  3. Scripts tab
  4. Shortcuts tab
  5. Favorite Apps tab
  6. Sync tab
  7. Tags tab,
  8. Services tab and
  9. Update tab

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