macOS restricts how applications can access and interact with the system and other applications. To create links between applications, Hook needs your authorization to communicate with them. The first time Hook runs it will ask to be granted “accessibility permissions”, and will not be able to function until they are granted.

What are accessibility permissions?

Accessibility permissions allow an application to control your computer. They’re needed to automate actions, or to interact with other applications. You should only grant accessibility permissions if you understand why an application needs them.

Why does Hook need accessibility permissions?

Accessibility permissions allow Hook to send AppleEvents to get links from and open links to other applications.

The scripts which Hook uses to interact with other applications are all available for interested users to read (and edit) in the Scripts pane of Hook’s Preferences.

Even after you grant Hook permission to control your computer, MacOS will still prompt you to give permission for each new application you use Hook with.

How to grant permission

When you run Hook it will ask you for authorization to control your computer. If you agree it will open System Preferences and guide you through the authorization process. If you quit without granting permission, Hook will proffer the same authorization prompt each time you launch the application.

If you deny Hook permission to interact with a specific application and later change your mind, you can open Security & Privacy>Privacy>Automation, find the application in question under, and check its box.

How to revoke permission

Revoking permissions can be done from the MacOS System Preferences. Simply find Hook under Security & Privacy>Privacy>Accessibility and uncheck its box. Hook will not work at all without accessibility permissions. If you revoke accessibility permissions Hook will not work until you grant them again.

Some other excellent apps that also require accessibility permission

Other apps that we like which also require accessibility permissions include:

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