Sometimes an app or web page does not provide a satisfactory name for its resources. Examples:

  1. Many apps lack automation, and their Copy Link user interface really just gives you a URL, not a link with a title. Examples: Apple’s Podcasts, Music and App Store apps; and (understandably) 1Password.
  2. Some web services add spurious information to web page names (e.g., Twitter and LinkedIn add notification counts to user webpage names).
  3. Some web services provide generic names for their web pages (e.g., “Facebook”).

Hookmark has you covered. See đŸ’¡Rename Links to Suit Your Needs.

Reverting the name

You can revert the name of a bookmark by using Revert Name in Hookmark. Click on the Title menu, then on Advanced to see that command. This sets the name of the bookmark back to its original name (assuming you have renamed it yourself). Next time you use Copy Link you’ll get the original name.