Free Alfred Workflows for Hook

Alfred is an awesome launcher for macOS.

If you use Alfred, you can download this zip file that contains sample Alfred workflows below.. (if you are using the old Hook, Hook 1.8 (not 2.x), use this file).

This enables you to browse all of Hook’s bookmarks and to search for particular ones.

default keyword: hm

The default keyword to type in Alfred for this workflow is hm.

Usage Example

to find all Hook bookmarks that contain pdf, in Alfred type :

hm pdf or hookworkflow PDF


This workflow requires Hook 1.5 or newer. Hook requires macOS 10.12.6 or newer.

Later, we will provide documentation specifically for Alfred, for now you can consult our LaunchBar documentation. The section on Browsing Hook Bookmarks is most relevant. But basically Alfred can do most of what LaunchBar can do.

In Share your Workflows – Alfred App Community Forum

This workflow is also listed in Alfred App Community Forum’s Browse Hook Bookmarks – “Share your Workflows”.

Blog post about Hook and Alfred

See our blog post for more information: Browse All Your Hook Bookmarks with Alfred — It’s a Great Launcher App for Your Mac – Hook.