Reveal File in Finder

How many times have you wanted to view in the Finder the file you are editing? If you’re like us, the answer is “thousands of times!” Some reasons for doing this:

  • to access a file that is in the same folder
  • see when the file was first created
  • to move the file somewhere else
  • to duplicate the file and move it
  • to create an alias (or Hookmark file) to the file
  • the list goes on…

Fortunately, many applications have a Reveal File in Finder command. Unfortunately, not all of them do. Amongst those that do offer the command (e.g., nvALT and BBedit), apps name the command differently, have it in different menus, may not have a keyboard shortcut for it, or may define the keyboard shortcut differently from others.

Hookmark provides a single, uniform keyboard shortcut for this essential personal information management command_: ⌘R.

That makes sense, because Hookmark is all about helping you access the resource that is most relevant to your current context. And when you’re working on a file, what’s more relevant than the file itself?! 😊