Using Hook on Multiple Macs

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This page describes how to use Hook on multiple Macs.

Hook Automatic Sync

Hook version 1.4 includes Hook Sync as a public beta feature. Please see Sync Tab – Hook.

Manually Syncing Your Hook Links

If you do not want to use the Hook Sync feature, then you can manually transfer data from Hook’s Library folder (~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook) between Macs. You can use Migration Assistant; or you can zip and unzip Hook’s Library folder.

  1. Make sure that the destination Mac is running a version of Hook that is the same or newer than the source Mac.
  2. Before copying Hook Library files from the source machine, you should exit Hook on the source Mac.
  3. Before copying Hook Library files to the destination Mac, you should exist Hook on the destination Mac.

You might also want to copy other Hook-related files, as described on Hook’s backup and restore help page.

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