Hook to Copied Link

Hook to Copied Link is used in tandem with Hook’s “Copy Link” (or the Copy Link function of other apps).

Copy a link from one item, and then switch to a different item and use Hook to Copied Link to link the original document to the current one.

This creates a bidirectional link between the two documents which you can use to quickly access each from the other. The link is visible when you invoke Hook on either side of the link. It is shown in the “HOOKED LINKS” section.

links to an item based on the URL in your clipboard. The command is only enabled if a valid link is in the clipboard. Otherwise, the command is greyed out.

In sum, the command is greyed out if:

  • there is no properly formed URL in the clipboard,
  • the URL points to the current item (there’s no point in linking an item to itself), or
  • the two items are already linked.

A plural form, Hook to Copied Links, is also available. When there are many links in the clipboard, you can use this command to “paste” (hook) all the original links to the current item. Use this in tandem with Copy All Links.

Historical note

Before Hook 1.5, Hook to Copied Link was called Link to Copied Address.

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