Supported/unsupported Apps

There are thousands of apps available for macOS. Many of them work out of the box, but some require custom scripts to integrate with Hookmark. Apps which operate on files are usually compatible, but apps which store their documents in a database need special Hookmark support.

List of Known Supported Applications

Here is a list of apps that are known to work with Hookmark. That web page also lists unsupported apps, and apps whose compatibility is TBD.

How to Handle Unsupported Applications

Contact Us

If an app is currently unsupported by Hookmark, you can contact us to bring it to our attention. CogSci Apps is interested in integrating Hookmark with as many apps as possible.

Contact the App’s Developer

If it is a common or popular app, we may have tried to support it already. Apps require certain scripting support to integrate with Hookmark. We are unable to integrate with some popular apps because they don’t provide the necessary Applescript or x-callback-url support for Hookmark integration. It is then more useful to contact the developer of the app to request that they provide the required interface — it is normally not much effort and yet it yields a major benefit. (What’s the point of having documents and data if they can’t be referenced externally?)

Writing Integration Scripts

CogSci Apps is dedicated to supporting every macOS app that deals with potentially addressable data and documents. As a small company, we appreciate help from developers. If you’re familiar with Applescript, you can write your own integration scripts and add them with the script editor settings pane instead of waiting for us to support your desired app. You could then share them with the community, per the next list.

Hookmark Forums

Visit our forums to share your own scripts and to check out or contribute to scripts written by other users. Unless you are a developer, you should wait until CogSci Apps has validated the script before installing it on your system or in Hookmark.

Using the automatic script update mechanism, described next, allows you to get validated script-updates promptly, without needing to paste scripts into Hookmark yourself.

Enabling Automatic Script Updates

Hookmark has an automatic script update mechanism that is available to Standard and Pro users. We aim to update scripts promptly and frequently. Instructions for enabling
automatic script updates are provided here.