Transcend Finder Folders, Spotlight and Tags

The Finder folder hierarchy, Spotlight, Finder tags and aliases are all very helpful. But there is something missing in macOS: links!

Aliases and symbolic links are not file-to-file links. Moreover, Finder does not expose addresses for objects.

But fear not:

Hookmark supplies the missing links in the world’s best OS for productivity, R&D, creativity, blogging, Markdown, and learning.

  • Hookmark enables you to create links between Finder files.
  • Hookmark enables you to create links between Finder files and arbitrary resources (web pages, emails, tasks, etc.) As long as there is an API for Hookmark to get the address of the object, Hookmark can in principle link them. (See Hookmark Integration).

How do you do it? Well it’s super simple. See Getting Started.

But there’s more…

Overcome the limits of aliases and “.webloc” files with Hookmark files (Pro Feature).

Aliases and weblocs are great. However, they are opaque. You can’t easily edit them. And they can only point to files and web pages, respectively.

Given our unified vision for Hookmark, it became clear to us that we needed to invent something more general and useful… something more in line with the Markdown philosophy.

So we invented Hookmark files!.

Hookmark files are short, plain text, editable files in which you can paste or write any link (in Markdown, or a simple URL) that you want! Whether you got the address (link) from Hookmark or not doesn’t matter. In contrast, aliases and .webloc files are opaque.

As noted, like Markdown files, Hookmark files are plain text files. This means that you can edit them in the editor of your choice. Hookmark does not replace your favourite apps, it augments them! Now you can use your favourite text editor to create and edit Hookmark files.

We will provide many examples of the benefits of these files.

Navigate to the directory of the current file

How many times have you wanted to view in the Finder the file you are editing? If you’re like us, the answer is “thousands of times!”. Many apps provide a “reveal file in Finder” function. But each vendor has its own name for the function. And provides its own keyboard shortcut. And some (tsk! tsk!) don’t provide the function at all.

Hookmark is designed to help you rapidly access resources related to your focus. What’s more central to your focus than the document you are currently working on?

Check out Reveal the current file in Finder.

Create search links

Search links are another new CogSci Apps® invention packaged in Hookmark. See this help page for more information.

It’s all new

All the features described above are new to macOS. In fact, Hookmark itself is new. Nothing like it on Earth. No other app has provided such functionality before. Have a look at the linked pages above for more information.

More detailed benefits to be exposed soon

We will expand further upon these benefits very soon.