Get More out of Markdown

Markdown is a very simple and popular plain text language for producing formatted documents. While it is used by many bloggers, it is also very convenient for note-taking and producing documents in other forms (such as PDF and RTF).

Hookmark helps you work more productively with Markdown.

Use “Copy as Markdown Link” on web pages

One of the most common types of expressions in Markdown is links. For instance, here is a Markdown link to the current web page:

[Get More out of Markdown](

Of course, a good Markdown-enabled app can convert this to any common format (RTF, HTML, PDF, etc.)

Hookmark makes it super easy to generate a Markdown link to any web page (or just about any other content). On any web page in any supported web browser, simply:

  1. invoke Hook (⌘⇧SPACE or via menu bar icon); and
  2. select Copy as Markdown Link (⌘M).

Hookmark will generate a Markdown link, filling out the title and address, and formatting them as Markdown. Hookmark will also copy the link onto your pasteboard. You can then paste it anywhere.

That saves you several error-prone steps, over, and over, and over again.

Works in any supported browser

There are other tools that provide a Copy as Markdown Link function. However, they are typically embedded within applications. For instance, there is one for Chrome.

In Hookmark’s favor, the Copy as Markdown Link command works in any supported browser: Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Brave and more to come. That means you can quickly use the same command in the context of any web browser. And in fact, any supported app, as the next section shows.

Use “Copy as Markdown Link” on any resource!

Unlike similar features in other apps, Hookmark’s Copy as Markdown Link feature works not only in web browsers, but in any supported application. Hookmark can produce Markdown links to:

  • emails
  • files in Finder, or in any supported file-based application (e.g. Marked 2, Pages, Word, Bear, Agenda, etc.)
  • documents in Dropbox, Git, SVN, etc.
  • tasks in OmniFocus and Things
  • resources in information managers
  • and more!

Once you start using Hookmark, you’ll see how useful it is to be able to link to information that is not on the web.

See What Mac Apps Work with Hookmark?

Share Markdown links

You can paste Hookmark-generated Markdown links into emails, text messages, and shared documents. This is as you would expect if the links are to web documents (such as this web page).

But Hookmark takes it further. You can send those links even if they point to emails and shared documents. As long as the recipients have access to the link targets (and Hookmark) they will be able to instantly open those links.

Paste Markdown links in MailMate emails

To write emails in Markdown, consider MailMate. It is a powerful, flexible, efficient, standards-compliant, secure and Markdown-enabled IMAP email client for your Mac. Check out our blog post about using MailMate with Hookmark.

Instantly produce a list of links using “Copy All Links”

Another one of Hookmark’s little gems is its Copy All Links command. This command produces a Markdown-formatted list of all the links present in the Hookmark window.

For instance, if you have linked a Wikipedia web page to five different resources, this command will produce a list of five Markdown-formatted links. This is a great way to make use of your prior research.

You can then even apply those copied links to other items using Hookmark’s Link to Copied Address command.

.hook files are tiny Markdown documents!

Hook also enables you to create and use “Hookmark files”, which are a generalization of Finder aliases and Finder .webloc files. They are described in our documentation. You’ll notice that these files are written in Markdown!

Just paste (or type) any URL, or a Markdown link, into any .hook file. Store the .hook file wherever you would store an alias or .webloc file. When you later double-click on the .hook file, Hookmark causes the link target to be opened.

Because .hook files are plain text, you can edit them in any plain text editor.

As you can see, Hookmark and Markdown share a similar design philosophy. 🙂

“Copy as Markdown Link” quickly becomes second nature

After using Copy as Markdown Link a few times, it will become second nature. You will find yourself using it very often. The same goes for the other Hookmark commands.

Hookmark’s Markdown commands

Hookmark’s Markdown commands couldn’t be simpler. Still, you can check out these commands in our Help pages:

Check out Hookmark’s forum for the latest information.

Get more out of your favourite Markdown apps

Hookmark does not replace your productivity apps. It is a unique app that helps you get more out of your productivity software. In this document, we have illustrated that concept with respect to Markdown.

Hence the slogans:

  • Desegregate your apps
  • Hookmark links your (digital) life