Hook 2.2 Release Notes

Hook 2.2 is now available with: Deep PDF linking! hyperlinks for use in iOS and iPadOS! renaming of bookmarks! And many new and updated app-integrations, including RStudio!

Deep PDF Linking

Using PDFpenPro 12 and Hook, you can now create deep links to PDFs. Just

  1. select something in a PDF,
  2. use Hook’s Copy Link or Copy Markdown Linkcommand (button, menu item or keyboard shortcut) to copy a deep link and
  3. paste the deep link anywhere.

Wnen you click on the deep link, Hook will open the PDF and PDFpenPro will scroll to the specific page and location to which it points!

You can even share deep links with anyone who has access to the same file, even if it’s on a different Mac! That means you no longer need to cite the page number and location of the document or copy and paste the text from the PDF.

To our knowledge, this is the first time this has been possible for stand-alone PDFs on macOS or any other platform. Hook also supports deep linking to PDFs embedded in Curio documents.

This is a “game changer” for anyone who works extensively with PDFs — lawyers, academics, developers, administrators and other knowledge workers.

For more information, see Using Hook with PDFPenPro – Hook.

Hyperlinks in Notes and Agile Tortoise Drafts

Those of you who use OmniFocus are already very familiar with the fact that Hook to New > OmniFocus not only creates a new task, names the task, hooks it to the source, selects it, optionally tags it, … and it also inserts a hyperlink back to the source. That makes it possible on iPhone and iPad to click the link in the OmniFocus task and thereby re-access the source (assuming it is also accessible from the iPhone or iPad).

In Hook 2.2 we have extended this important feature to Apple Notes and Agile Tortoise Drafts. When you Hook to New Apple Apple Notes or Drafts documents, Hook will insert a link back to the source. In the case of Drafts, Hook now applies the tag.

So if you sync your Apple Notes or Drafts to iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to use those links — again, assuming the linked items are synced.

You can try it right here.

  1. invoke Hook
  2. Hook to New > Notes
  3. Notice that the new Note has a link back to this page. Click on this link, and you’ll be right back here. Obviously, you can click on that link in the Note on your iPhone.

While preparing to bring Hook to iPhone and iPad, we (CogSci Apps) are expanding the range of ways in which what you with Hook on your Mac is useful on iPhone and iPad.

Renaming of bookmarks

When we introduced Hook 2.0, we disclosed that Hook is actually also a new kind of bookmark manager.

In Hook 2.2 we have introduced the ability to rename Hook’s bookmarks. Just select a ‘hook’ in the “HOOKED ITEMS” section and choose “rename”. (This will be extended soon to the Title menu and to each search result.)

Other improvements and fixes

  • NEW Added Hook to New and Hook to Copied Link menu items to the menu associated which each Recent Items item.
  • Allow only one instance of Hook to run at a time.
  • FIXED: Unpin a link item in Pin section, but the item in Hooks section still in pinned state 
  • FIXED problems that could occur if Hook keyboard shortcut preferences conflicted with others.
  • FIXES. Various other bug fixes.

Update integrations with your favorite apps

We’ve enabled you to link items from some other very popular apps!