Updates Tab

Checking for updates

If the Automatically check for updates checkbox is checked, Hook will check for new versions during the app’s launch. If one is found, then Hook will let you know.

You can also Check Now for updates.

When checking for an update to the Hook app itself, Hook also checks for updates to its integration scripts. If updates are available, they are automatically installed. Those updates will not replace any script you may have customized. See the Scripts preference tab for more information.

Version information

At the bottom of The Update tab, you will see

  • the “last checked” date and time;
  • the Hook app version and build numbers; and
  • the Scripts bundles version (which replicates the information on the Scripts tab.

Help Contents

Help > Preferences Window :

  1. General tab
  2. Notes tab
  3. Scripts tab
  4. Shortcuts tab
  5. Favorite Apps tab This page.
  6. Sync tab and
  7. Update tab