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Efficiently access relevant digital resources on your Mac or the web.

Use links like never before.

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Friction-free access to relevant resources

The insidious friction in working on any project is searching for supporting digital resources such as documents, notes, outlines, data files, tasks, emails, and figures. By enabling you to link information, Hookmark enables you to access relevant information with just one click without the distraction of searching, allowing you work smoothly and effectively.

Ubiquitous ‘Copy Link’!

Instantly create and copy links to all kinds of information: files, emails, tasks and much more! Paste links in your notes, task lists, or anywhere else where you need them! Use them to instantly return to the information you need, wherever it is.

Instantly take bidirectional notes!

Without Hookmark, creating associative notes is virtually impossible. The solution: invoke Hookmark’s Hook to New command in a source (web page, PDF, file, etc.): Hookmark instantly creates, names and stores a new note in the app of your choice, with a 2-way link (“a hook”) between the note and the source! Result: you can navigate swiftly from the source to the note and vice-versa.

More about Hookmark

Automatic bookmarking more than web sites

Hookmark automatically bookmarks the links you copy. Not just to web pages, but items from all your favorite apps: emails, tasks, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Learn more

Deep links to specific locations in PDF, video and more

When you select text in a URL-friendly PDF app, Hookmark allows you to create a link to a specific location in the PDF file and copy the selection in one go. On opening the link, Hookmark leads you to the specified location in the document right away. Learn more

Robust and sharable links to files

macOS file:// links can easily break when you move the file or rename the folders along the pat and you can’t share them. In contrast, Hookmark file links are easy to construct; they still work when you move the file; and they’re shareable! Learn more

Create and share links to emails

With Hookmark, you can copy links to emails and pasted them to anywhere. In addition, you can share them with your peers.

Integrating with other bookmarking applications

Hookmark Pro can automatically bookmark to Instapaper, GoodLinks and Pinboard. Learn more.

Your bookmarks are private

Hookmark stores your bookmarks on your Mac. Learn more.

Instantly get Markdown links

If you use Markdown, you’ll love Hookmark. Hookmark lets you instantly create Markdown linksWhen you copy link, you can choose to copy Markdown link.

Keyboard shortcuts for quick access to all functions

All functions in Hookmark are accessible through keyboard shortcuts. To further speed up the access to most often used functions, Hookmark provides global keyboard shortcuts for Copy Link, Hook Link.

Reveal current file in Finder

How many times have you wanted to view in Finder the file you are editing? Many apps provide a “reveal file in Finder” function. But each vendor has its own name for the function and provides its own keyboard shortcut. And some (tsk! tsk!) don’t provide the function at all. Hookmark provides a consistent way to reveal file in Finder that works with applications.


“Hookmark connects parts of my workflow that I’ve long-believed would never be connectable.”

Brett Terpstra
Coder (Marked 2, nvALT, SearchLinks, nvUltra etc.), author, web developer.
“It isn’t just fine, it’s just brilliant! The speed, it is tremendous. More than the measurable speed. It’s the way it feels because I’m not stopping to think let’s go to Mail, find the email, read this. I’m just thinking: I need this, I’m there. And I’m back again. And that is worth getting and worth practicing.”

William Gallagher
58 keys

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“Hookmark is the link-everything app for your Mac. It creates links to files, email, and other digital bits, letting you easily “hook” things together. It’s increasingly becoming part of my contextual computing workflow.”

David Sparks

Featured Applications

Hookmark works with many applications out of box. Here are a few most popular applications. For full list of supported applications, click here





Microsoft Edge



MS Excel

MS Word

MS Powerpoint

MS Outlook


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