Tags Preferences Tab

You can configure Hookmark to apply tags to items it links, as follows:

1. Apply Hookmark Finder tags to files when linking them [checkbox]

If you check this, then whenever you link a file to something, Hookmark will apply a Finder tag to them. This will allow you to find the file later using Spotlight with the keyword-value pair “tag:Hook” in Spotlight. This does not apply to objects (e.g., even though Mail stores messages as files, Hookmark doesn’t apply Finder tags to them, because they wouldn’t necessarily persist.)

2. Apply ‘from:Hook’ Pinboard tags to webpages when touching them with Hookmark [checkbox]

If you have a valid Pinboard account configured in Hookmark Services tab, and this checkbox is enabled, then whenever Hookmark interacts with this webpage, Hookmark will attempt to ensure the corresponding Pinboard bookmark has a from:Hook tag.

That way you can search for webpages on Pinboard that have been hooked.


  • This does not retroactively apply to previously hooked web pages. It is only applied to web pages that you interact with after the Pinboard account has been set up and when this is enabled, as you interact with web pages.
  • This only applies to web pages, not to local URLs like OmniFocus:/// or craft:/// URLs.

Apply “from:Hook” tag to GoodLinks bookmarks touched by Hookmark

This too does what it says.