Access Hookmark Functions from the Share menu in Safari and Finder (macOS Share Sheets)

As of Hookmark 3.4, you can access Hookmark from Safari’s Share Button and Finder’s Sharing feature.

In Safari or Finder, click the share button:


From there, you can directly invoke these commands:

  • Copy Link
  • Copy Markdown Link
  • Open Hookmark Window
  • Add Bookmark
  • Copy Selection and Link

Open Hookmark Window gives you access to all of Hookmark’s functions.


🎉 Copy Selection and Link in Safari

Yes, you read that right. Hookmark 3.4 adds the ability to copy the selected text and a link to the current page, using Safari’s Share Menu > Hookmark menu item.

This is like Hookmark’s Copy Selection and Link command for PDF files, except it doesn’t yet copy a deep link.

Paste it anywhere

You can paste the quote and the link anywhere you want. Great for taking notes, doing research and writing documents (papers, blogs, etc.)

Enabling this feature

To enjoy this feature, be sure to Customize the Share menu, adding Hookmark to the macOS > System Preferences > Extensions > Share Menu. See Use the Share menu on Mac.