Focus on Link in Clipboard

Hookmark is a “utility knife” for working with links. You know that Hookmark can create a link for the current item, and you can find links in Hookmark’s bookmarks database. But you can also simply copy a link from anywhere else and “focus on it with Hookmark”. From there, you can use Hookmark’s facilities to manipulate the link.

Here’s how:

  1. Copy any URL or link (using Hookmark, a text editor, web browser or other app). It can be a simple URL. But it can also be an RTF, HTML or Markdown link (i.e., URL + name).
  2. Invoke Hookmark.
  3. Type ⌃⌘L (or use Gear Menu > Advanced > Focus on Link in Clipboard)

This causes Hookmark’s title bar to be set to the link. If the clipboard contains a URL rather than a full link (URL + name), then Hookmark will treat the leaf node of the path as the title. But you can change that.


From then, you have full access to Hookmark’s Title bar commands.

For instance, you can then use:

  • the Copy Link command, to get a full formatted version of the link;
  • the Copy Markdown Link to convert the link to Markdown;
  • Hook to New;
  • Add Bookmark Without Copying ⌘D (only shown if Hookmark does not already have a bookmark for this item);
  • Make Hookmark File (Pro only): ⇧⌘H;
  • and more.

You will also see whatever you’ve previously “hooked” to that link (if anything).

Discussed on the forum

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