Activating your license of Hook productivity app for Mac

This web page explains the process for activating your Hook productivity macOS app.


Hook is purchased via the Hook buy page. is the “merchant of record” for the purchases of Hook productivity app. The Hook buy page checkout process interacts with

In a nutshell: CogSci Apps does not issue license keys that you enter into software. Instead, sends you an email containing a license activation web link. Clicking on that link (as described below) activates your license.

Emails from

After purchasing Hook via its buy page, will send you two emails.

1. subject: Your order: Hook Pro or Your order: Hook Essentials, and
2. subject: Your Hook Pro Order or Your Hook Essentials Order

The first email contains the following hypertext (and more).

your Order confirmation # <followed by its number>
Thank you for your purchase!
View your invoice, where you add/edit your invoice address

and some other information. The “view your invoice” text is a hyperlink to where you can view your invoice.

The second email contains a License Key web link (URL). You can search your emails for emails from containing “License Key” and “hook” to find this.

License key activation

To activate your Hook license on the current Mac, click on the License Key web link in the email from It has the form followed by a long alpha-numerical string.

When you click on that web link, macOS will request your default web browser to open that link. In turn, your browser will then ask for permission to invoke Hook. Accept this.

Hook will connect to authenticate the license. If successful, Hook will activate your license on the current Mac.

License key email expiration (for valid licenses)

The emails that Paddle sends which contain your license key will expire after a period of time. (Currently 6 months). That means that when you click on the email from Paddle that contains the activation link, (mentioned above), you might get a notice from Hook saying that the link has expired.

If this happens, you simply need to request a new key using the following automated process:

If you get a notice from Hook saying that your “License Key” has expired (per #2 above), this notice will contain a link to a webpage. That very simple webpage contains a field where you can enter your email. Enter your email here. Then Paddle will send you a new license key activation email again: (per #2 above). That will repeat the activation process..

License activation assumptions

  1. you have purchased the license;
  2. Hook has been downloaded and installed onto the current Mac; and
  3. you have not installed Hook on more Macs than your license allows (see Buy page for details).

Why use this license activation system?

While it takes a few paragraphs to describe this system. In fact, it typically involves fewer steps than traditional ( “copy paste”) license activation schemes. You can activate your license as soon as you receive the email with the link by simply clicking on that link.

Another advantage of this system is that you don’t need to store or record license keys.

Another advantage is that this process is fully automated based on email. If you need to activate Hook on a new Mac, you won’t need to deal with a human. You get 24-hour service.

If the link has expired, you just need to remember the email address from which you purchased Hook. By keeping your emails, this will be easy.

Of course, however, every system has pros and cons. If you do encounter an issue:

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