Using Hook with ToDoist

Hook can help you get a lot more mental clarity out of todoist.

Attaching a copy of a file directly to a task requires a paid Todoist subscription. Linking a file from Dropbox requires navigating a whole bunch of tiny hierarchical menus to get to the file. This defeats one of Todoist’s most important features: the ability to quickly enter tasks and their associated information.

HOWEVER, Hook allows you to get around these and other limitations! Hook links your ToDoist tasks to anything they are about (PDFs, other files, emails, contacts, web pages, etc.).

For example, with Hook, you can insert a link in ToDoist to the file (on Finder!) you need to write or the email in that you need to review.

Technical information

  • You can paste Hook-garnered links (Copy Link, Hook to Copied Link) into Todoist app tasks.
  • Todoist app has a Copy Link to Task its UI. (They should call it “Copy URL”, because it’s not a full link.) On any item (e.g., an email or file), you can use Hook to Copied Link on that URL. You might then want to rename the ToDoist link in Hook (click the title or link menu in Hook, or use the keyboard shortcut).
  • You can get Todoist URLs from the Todoist web app (SaaS) too.

More information about linking Todoist to anything

See this detailed blog post Hook Enables You to Connect Todoist to your Work and Life – Hook written by Rochelle Broder-Singer, which has nice screenshots too.

Hook lets you instantly navigate from your Todoist tasks to information in any appand back!
Hook’s ubiquitous linking is a CogSci Apps® invention designed to keep you focused!