You can get data in and out of Hook thanks to its AppleScript dictionary. You can get a list of all the bookmarks created by Hook. For any bookmark, you can get all the bookmarks hooked (linked) to it. You can also automatically invoke Hook on a particular file bookmark. There are some other functions.

That means that you can control Hook with launchers (such as Alfred and LaunchBar), Keyboard Maestro, or other scripts and programs.

macOS Shortcuts

Hook 3.8 introduces Shortcuts automation. We will share some extra Shortcuts here. We expect many users to publish shortcuts with the world.

LaunchBar, Aflred & Trickster

Brett Terpstra has created a great command line interface to control Hook. Check it out.

Hook users, including CogSci Apps, sometimes share their scripts in the Hook scripts topics of the Hook Productivity Forum.

AppleScript to work with multiple files selected in Finder

If you have selected multiple files in Finder and want to hook them to the clipboard or to each other, check out Brett Terpstra’s GitHub – ttscoff/hook_goodies page. It contains:

  • Hook To Clipboard: Creates hook link between the link in your clipboard and each of the selected files. The Service version of this can be triggered as a Finder Extra or via right click menu. The AppleScript version can be used in any kind of automation (Keyboard Maestro, BetterTouchTool, etc.)
  • Mesh Hook: Creates hooks (bi-directional links) between all of the files you’ve selected files. In other words, this mesh links all of the selected files together!

The AppleScript is written to work on a Finder selection, but could easily be modified to accept files from any automation that could pass them.

DEVONthink automation


Given Hook’s API, you can find other Hook-related scripts on the web.

Similarly, please consider sharing your Hook automation scripts on the Hook productivity forum or wherever else there are interested readers, like Zsolt Benke, Brett Terpstra and others have.