You can now control Hook programmatically thanks to its new AppleScript dictionary. You can get a list of all the bookmarks created by Hook. For any bookmark, you can get all the bookmarks hooked (linked) to it. You can also automatically invoke Hook on a particular file bookmark. There are some other functions. (Not all Hook functions are currently exposed.)

That means that you can control Hook with launchers (such as Alfred and LaunchBar), Keyboard Maestro, or other scripts and programs.

See for example the following pages on controlling Hook with launchers:

Brett Terpstra has created a great command line interface to control Hook. Check it out.

Hook users, including CogSci Apps, sometimes share their scripts in the Hook scripts topics of the Hook Productivity Forum.

Please consider sharing your Hook automation scripts, LaunchBar actions, Alfred Workflows, Keyboard Maestro macros and other automations of Hook — on the Hook productivity forum or wherever else there are interested readers.

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