OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle Composition Templates for use in `Hook to New`

As of Hookmark 3.0 you can add folders to your custom templates folder! Hookmark 3.0 includes a Contact info & meetings – OmniOutliner folder.

You can also download this very handy composition folder. It contains folders, OmniOutliner files and an OmniGraffle file:

  • Communications, reviews, comments, etc. (folder)
  • Drafts (folder)
  • Figures (folder)
  • Figure.graffle
  • Hookmark (.hook) files (folder)
  • Previous (folder)
  • Resources and Research (folder)
  • Reviews and comments about this from others
  • ELEMENTS.ooutline
  • OUTLINE.ooutline
  • PLAN.ooutline
  • scratchpad.ooutline

Just expand the zip file and drag and drop the resultant folder to your custom templates folder. (see this help page). You can further customize the template folder: adding files, removing files, renaming them as you wish.

Next time you use the Hook to New... command [the 3 dots are important], you will see the new folder. When you select that item, Hookmark will replicate the folder (with its content) and link it to the source. It will also sensibly name the items based on the source, and hook some of the content.

The folder shows up in your default “Notes” folder. You can move it without breaking the links. (In OmniOutliner however it’s a good idea to close the documents before moving them.)

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