Reverting to Prior Versions of Hook

Reverting to builds from 3.0 onwards

To revert to builds from 3.0 onwards, please refer to the release notes of the latest build you installed. Then download the version of Hook to which you’d like to revert. Both can be obtained here: Release Notes – Hook.

Reverting to builds prior to Hook 3.0

To revert to version 2.x please use Hook’s Microsoft App Center web page.

Reverting from Hook 2.0.x to Hook 1.8

If you wish to revert from Hook 2.0.x to Hook 1.8, please:

  1. Quit Hook 2.0.
  2. download this file, which is named Zip.
  3. Decompress (expand) it by double-clicking it.
  4. Run the .app file it contains.
  5. Run Hook 1.8.

The app is silent (no feedback).