Using Hook in OneDrive

For the time being, when you invoke Hook on a file in a Microsoft app and the file is in a OneDrive folder, and OneDrive is running, you will see No Linkable Item in.

There are several ways to work-around this

  1. Turn off OneDrive,
  2. instead of invoking Hook in the Microsoft app, select the file in the Finder then invoke Hook,
  3. use Hook to copy links to other resources and paste them in the document’s File > Properties > comments field.
  4. Use a non Microsoft app on those files. For instance, if you use BBEdit to open a text file in OneDrive, Hook behaves as expected.

Affected MS Office apps include Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Other MS apps used in OneDrive may also be affected.

Why Hook displays No linkable item found in <Microsoft> app while OneDrive is running

Hook connects with your favorite apps through their API (application programming interface). In particular, to construct a link, Hook asks the current app for the location and name of the foreground document. Unfortunately, for files residing locally in a OneDrive folder, the location that Microsoft apps return depends on whether OneDrive is running or not. If OneDrive is running, Microsoft apps return a non-standard location (URL) that Hook cannot currently cope with. But if OneDrive is not running, MS apps report a standard location that Hook can work with.


We at CogSci Apps Corp will attempt to ensure Hook works with both location forms returned by MS apps in OneDrive.


In our tests, if you rename OneDrive files directly on, hook://file// links to them will still work. That’s handy.

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