Using Hookmark with OmniFocus

OmniFocus is a personal task manager developed by The Omni Group. It supports the principles expressed in David Allen’s Getting Things Done book. The Omni Group was amongst the first companies to develop software for Apple’s OS X (macOS). The Omni Group values automation. So there’s a great fit there with Hookmark!

Hookmark enables you to link OmniFocus actions and projects to and from anything linkable.

Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link and Hook to Copied Link

By default, Hookmark’s Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link in OmniFocus return links of the form omnifocus:///. You can paste those links anywhere. You can even use them on your iPad or iPhone.

Hook to New > OmniFocus

You can use the Hook to New command to create a new OmniFocus task that is hooked (bidirectionally linked) to the current resource.

This command also puts a hyperlink to the source object in the OmniFocus task’s note. If you sync your OmniFocus database between your Mac and iPhone or iPad, you can use those links on iPhone or iPad!

Adding a “Hook” tag to OmniFocus items

If you would like Hookmark to automatically add a “hook” tag to any item you hook, here’s how to do it: Configurable Tags.

That would allow you — on Mac, iPhone or iPad — to see every task or project that you’ve linked with Hookmark. Handy!

Search for OmniFocus Hookmark-bookmarks

To find OmniFocus items you’ve processed with Hookmark:

  1. Invoke Hookmark.
  2. Enter search mode (with ⌘F or a click).
  3. Type: url:OmniFocus and hit the Return key.

Your OmniFocus bookmarks will show up in the search results.

Learning OmniFocus

OmniFocus is a very flexible and customizable app.

If you would like help learning OmniFocus, check out Learn OmniFocus. This site was founded by OmniFocus expert Tim Stringer in 2014. It offers a growing library of free and members-only content that supports people around the world in making productive use of OmniFocus and complementary productivity apps. Members can also participate in live and interactive online sessions.

Learn OmniFocus goes well beyond training you how to use an app (OmniFocus). As Tim Stringer writes:

Learn OmniFocus is a membership-based service that centres around the OmniFocus personal task manager for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and the Web. In addition to providing instruction and best practices on using OmniFocus effectively, we often feature complementary productivity apps. We have courses/sessions that spotlight specific apps and take deep dives into how these apps can be used alongside OmniFocus. Hook helps to make this possible by providing a wide range of creative ways to tie these apps together.

Hookmark has been featured on Learn OmniFocus.

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