Using Hookmark with Notion

Hookmark supports Notion with the following considerations.

UI-scripted integration

Notion does not currently have an API for its app. Therefore you are better off using its web interface. However, Hookmark can control the Notion app via its UI interface (“UI scripting). It works reasonably well. If the Hookmark window shows No linkable item found in Notion, it’s likely that you have your macOS account set to a different language than English. Hookmark Pro users can easily modify the scripts, providing the names of the menu items in their language.

Notion’s Mac app is an Electron app. Electron apps often lack features one would expect of a Mac app. For instance, you can’t drag and drop a Notion file onto the desktop or from the desktop into Notion.

However, it is possible for an Electron app to get an API and be made linkable. For instance, Obsidian is an Electron app and has an API on the Mac. Therefore, Notion developers could do the same for their app.

Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link and Hook to Copied Link

In Notion, you can use Hookmark to quickly Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link and Hook to Copied Link. That means you can “hook” Notion items to just about anything (i.e., create two-way links in Hookmark).

Notion URLs

The URLs that Notion uses on its app are slightly different on the Mac than on the web, as you would expect, but they follow the same pattern, which is helpful.

Search for Notion bookmarks in Hookmark

To find Notion items you’ve processed with Hookmark, simply:

  1. Invoke Hookmark.
  2. Enter search mode (with ⌘F or a click).
  3. Type: url:notion and hit the Return key.

Your Notion bookmarks will show up in the search results. This may include false positives from the website.

Pasting app links into Notion app

Notion has another limitation that is not Hookmark-specific but that affects people who like links: it does not allow you to paste local app links, not even its own!

  1. You can paste app URLs like hook://file/, and Notion URLs in the Notion app, but they will not be treated as hyperlinks.
  2. If you paste a Markdown link whose URL field is an app URL (like [task name](OmniFocus://) or [item name](x-devonthink-item), Notion will strip away the URL and just give you the label. Not very Markdown friendly.

Hook to New

The Notion app does not have an API, therefore Hook to New > Notion is not yet possible.

Communicating with Notion

We have been emailing Notion about its limitations since 2019. If more users make this request, they are more likely to implement the feature.
See Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers.


See also this topic on the Hookmark forum regarding Notion.