Using Hook with MindNode

MindNode is compatible with Hook.

You can also paste a link garnered from Hook directly onto a MindNode canvas or on an existing node in MindNode, which will cause the node to be created properly and linked in MindNode. In other words, if you do this:

  1. Copy Link in Hook
  2. select a node
  3. paste

then you get a new linked node in MindNode.

If a resource (such as a web page or PDF file) has many hooks, you can

  1. Copy All Links with Hook
  2. paste on a node or canvas in MindNode

MindNode will create one node for each link copied by Hook, and link the nodes up. This is a very handy way to create a map.

Hooking nodes, and getting URLs for nodes

It is not yet possible to hook individual MindNode nodes. As far as we can tell, MindNode lacks the automation for that.

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