Using Hookmark with Merlin Project

With Hookmark you can link Merlin Project items to and from anything that is also linkable!

Merlin Project is cross-platform project management software developed by ProjectWizards. First released in 2007, Merlin Project is used by customers in over 150 countries in all kinds of industries, such as Architecture & Construction, Media & Agencies, Research & Development, Education, and others. Customers use this flexible app to plan, manage & control their small and large projects. It is available for Mac and iPad.

Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link and Hook to Copied Link

When you use Hookmark to copy a link to a Merlin item, the link includes a URL of the form:
merlinproject:///<link-path>, like this one merlinproject:///-/775F4877-1F05-4080-B5FF-5B394D138D07/AhhEakqcRsy5QBPdHq80CA

You can paste those links anywhere. You can even use them on your iPad.

If it is a shared project, you can share copied links with others. That’s very handy for project managers! Use Hookmark’s ‘share’ feature, or simply copy the link and paste it in emails, messages, Slack, forums, or other software.

You can of course bidirectionally link (i.e., ‘hook’) Merlin Project activities and other items to anything linkable. Here’s an example of a project activity that is linked to a file and three web pages:


Hook to New > Merlin Project

You can use the Hook to New command to create a new Merlin Project file that is hooked (bidirectionally linked) to the current resource.

If you are using a version of Hookmark prior to 3.2, you’ll need to add a Merlin Project file in Hookmark’s templates folder to do this.

“Reveal File in Finder`”

2021-09-16. Reveal File in Finder is not yet implemented for Merlin Project. We are looking into it.

Search for Merlin Project bookmarks in Hookmark

Hookmark has an awesome search utility that leverages the fact that any link you copy or ‘hook’ with Hookmark is bookmarked by Hookmark.

To find Merlin Project items you’ve processed with Hookmark, simply:

  1. Invoke Hookmark.
  2. Enter search mode (with ⌘F or a click).
  3. Type: merlinproject and hit the Return key.

Your Merlin Project bookmarks will show up in the search results.

Merlin Project version 7.x and before

Merlin Project introduced AppleScript support in Merlin Project 8 and Hookmark version 3.2 (Integration v. 178 onwards; 2021-09-16) uses it.

If you are using an older version of Merlin Project in English, then you can paste the following Get Address in Hookmark’s Script Editor for Merlin Project; that will allow Hookmark to work with it:

tell application "Merlin Project"
    set myselection to selection of first document
    if myselection is not {} then
        set _item to item 1 of myselection
        if class of _item is child activity then
            set _title to title of _item
        else if class of _item is assignment then
            set _title to title of resource of _item

        end if
    end if

end tell
        set the clipboard to ""
        tell application "System Events" to tell process "Merlin Project"
            click menu item "Copy URL" of menu 1 of menu bar item "Edit" of menu bar 1
            delay 0.1
            repeat 50 times -- poll clipboard for ~2.5 seconds
                    if (the clipboard) is not equal to "" then
                        exit repeat
                    end if
                end try
                delay 0.05
            end repeat

        end tell
        set _url to the clipboard
return "[" & _title & "](" & _url & ")"

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