Using Hook With Fastmarks

Fastmarks is a Mac app for rapidly searching and opening your bookmarks. It is developed by retina studio, led by Tyler Hall. It’s 100% keyboard-driven. No mouse needed. Lightning fast!

Originally, Fastmarks was designed only to open web bookmarks. However, Fastmarks now enables you to search bookmarks in Hook. Given that Hook can bookmark any item that has a URL, Fastmarks can be used to search all kinds of bookmarks!

This means you can use Fastmarks to search for anything you’ve bookmarked in Hook, such as:

  • files,
  • emails,
  • tasks (e.g., in OmniFocus, Things, or Todoist)
  • Obsidian notes,
  • DEVONthink items,
  • and much, much more.

Basically: if the content in a URL-friendly app and you’ve touched it with Hook, you can find it in Fastmarks!

Enable Hook in Fastmarks

In order to be able to find Hook’s bookmarks with Fastmarks, you only need to enable Hook in Fastmarks preference panel:


How to search for bookmarks in Fastmarks

To search bookmarks in Fastmarks, simply use the global keyboard shortcut that you’ve specified in Fastmarks’ preferences panel. By default it is ⌃] (control- right opening square bracket).


How to add Hook’s bookmarks to Fastmarks

As long as you enable Hook in Fastmarks, Fastmarks will automatically give you access to Hook’s bookmarks. You don’t need to add bookmarks manually to Fastmarks.

Fastmarks relies on Hook’s AppleScript API to get Hook’s bookmarks. It does that at search-time. As Hook accumulates bookmarks, Fastmarks immediately has access to them.

Create custom bookmarks in Fastmarks with Hook.

You can nevertheless manually add bookmarks to Fastmarks using Fastmarks’ Edit Custom Bookmarks... command. Hook is helpful here to, because it has a very convenient way of getting bookmarks to almost anything (files, tasks, emails, etc.)

You would use Hook to copy the URL of the bookmark, and paste it manually in Fastmarks using its Edit Custom Bookmarks....

For example, you can

  1. select a folder, such as your ~/Documents folder
  2. Use Hook’s Copy Markdown Link command
  3. invoke Fastmarks’s Edit Custom Bookmarks...
  4. paste the link
  5. edit the link to make it compatible with the Fastmarks format.

Using Fastmarks’s manual method makes the bookmarks available even if you turn off Fastmarks’ Hook integration. The general process is explained here: Create New Bookmarks – retina studio.

Hooking items in Fastmarks

Because Fastmarks is a “background” app (not visible in macOS App Switcher), there’s no way to invoke Hook in Fastmarks. Therefore you can’t directly hook items together in Fastmarks.

To invoke Hook on a bookmark that you’ve found in Fastmarks, simply open that bookmark from Fastmarks and then invoke Hook.

Similarly, the Hook to New command is not directly invokable in Fastmarks. However, whenever you use Hook to New to create any item, Hook’s bookmarks to the items become available in Fastmarks.

Screencast and help page on Using Hook With Fastmarks

Check out this screencast and help page on Using Hook With Fastmarks published on the Retina Studio website.

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