Using Hook with Bookends Reference Manager by Sonny Software

Bookends is reference management by Sonny software.

Hook supports Bookends. By default, Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link in Bookends return links of the form bookends://.

If you would rather traffic in hook://file/ links, then Hook Pro users may the alternative Hook-Bookends integration script below. To do this just

  1. open Hook > Preferences > Script Editor tab, then
  2. select Bookends,
  3. select the Get Address tab
  4. paste the script below into the tab.
  5. click Save

and you’re done.

The alternative script is:

tell application id "com.sonnysoftware.bookends"

    set selectedItems to selected publication items of front library window
    if selectedItems is not {} then
        set selectedUrl to url of item 1 of selectedItems
        if selectedUrl is not equal to "" then
            get properties of item 1 of selectedItems
            return "bookends://" & id of item 1 of selectedItems
            set a to attachments of item 1 of selectedItems
            if a is equal to "" then
                return "bookends://" & id of item 1 of selectedItems
            end if
            return "file://" & default attachments path & a
        end if

    end if
end tell

The main advantage of using hook://file/ links rather than bookends:// links is that it gives you access to all the hooks regardless of whether you access the PDF in Bookends or in a different app. So if you choose to use Finder, PDFPenPro, Skim, Preview or another app, hook://file/ links have you covered.

The disadvantage is that currently hook://file/ links are not available on iOS /iPadOS side. But we intend to remedy that. Also, the the name of the hook://file/ links are the file name, not the default citation format.

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