Using Hookmark with Bookends Reference Manager by Sonny Software

Bookends is an excellent full-featured reference management app for students and professionals by Sonny Software. It is available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Hookmark enables you to link Bookends references to and from anything that is also link-friendly.


This page provides some of the technical details about using Hookmark with Bookends.

Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link and Hook to Copied Link

When you invoke Hookmark on a reference in Bookends and then choose Copy Link or Copy Markdown Link, Hookmark will produce a link containing a URL like this: bookends://. You can paste the link anywhere.

You can even use these links on your iPad or iPhone! For example, on your Mac, you could invoke Hookmark to copy a link to a Bookends reference, and paste it in Apple Notes. In Apple Notes on iPhone or iPad you can click on that link, and it will display the reference in Bookends on your mobile device — if Bookends is installed there.

Hook to New > Bookends

The Hook to New command does not apply to Bookends, meaning you cannot invoke Hook to New in some other item to create a new Bookends citation.

Reveal File in Finder

In Bookends, you can reveal a reference’s PDF with Hookmark:

  1. invoke Hookmark’s contextual window (⌃H) on a Bookends reference and
  2. use the Reveal File in Finder Action ☰ button command (⌘R).

This command will show the first PDF attached to the selected Bookends reference — assuming (a) there is a PDF attached and (b) Bookends can find it. If Bookends fails to find the PDF, Bookends will present a dialog box. It may give you an option to “re-attach” the missing PDF. Before returning to Hookmark, please deal with whatever dialog box Bookends presents.

Using hook:// URLs instead of bookends:// URLs

If you would rather use hook:// URLs instead of bookends:// URLs, then

  1. use Hookmark’s Reveal File in Finder or open the PDF from a third-party app like Skim PDF reader; and
  2. invoke Hookmark from there.

Please remember that if you sync your Bookends library via multiple devices (an iPhone, iPad or other Mac) and rename the files on the other device, the hook://file/ links might break on the original Mac.

Search for Bookends bookmarks in Hookmark

Hookmark is an automatic bookmark manager. Hookmark automatically adds a bookmark for any Bookends reference in relation to which you use Hookmark’s Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link, or Hook to Copied Link command. Later you can find those bookmarks using Hookmark’s search, on any device with which you sync Hookmark’s bookmarks! Hookmark becomes a treasure trove of links to information you value the most.

To find Bookends items you’ve processed with Hookmark, simply

  1. invoke Hookmark
  2. enter search mode (with ⌘F or a click)
  3. type: url:bookends and hit the return key

Your Bookends bookmarks will show up in the search results.

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