Using Hookmark with Bookends Reference Manager by Sonny Software

Bookends is a reference management app by Sonny software.

Hookmark supports Bookends. By default, Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link in Bookends return links of the form bookends://.

If you would rather traffic in hook://file/ links, then (if you’re a Hookmark Pro user) you may use the alternative Hookmark-Bookends integration script below. To do this just:

  1. Go to Gear menu > Preferences > Script Editor tab.
  2. Select Bookends.
  3. Select the Get Address tab.
  4. Paste the script below into the tab.
  5. Click Save.

and you’re done.

The alternative script is:

tell application id "com.sonnysoftware.bookends"

    set selectedItems to selected publication items of front library window
    if selectedItems is not {} then
        set selectedUrl to url of item 1 of selectedItems
        if selectedUrl is not equal to "" then
            get properties of item 1 of selectedItems
            return "bookends://" & id of item 1 of selectedItems
            set a to attachments of item 1 of selectedItems
            if a is equal to "" then
                return "bookends://" & id of item 1 of selectedItems
            end if
            return "file://" & default attachments path & a
        end if

    end if
end tell

The main advantage of using hook://file/ links rather than bookends:// links is that it gives you access to all the hooks regardless of whether you access the PDF in Bookends or in a different app. So whether you choose to use Finder, PDFPenPro, Skim, Preview or some other app, hook://file/ links have you covered.

The disadvantage is that currently hook://file/ links are not available on the iOS/iPadOS side. But we intend to remedy that. Also, the names of hook://file/ links are the file name, not the default citation format.

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