Hook 3.2 release notes

Hook 3.2 (4463; integration v. 174) is now available for download.

Executive Summary

  • New commands: Copy Selection and Link (⌃Q) (Hook Pro) and Open All Hooked Items (⌃⇧O); ⌃H to invoke Hook, and a preference to choose your own Hook folder.
  • iCloud syncing, for compatibility with Hook’s upcoming companion app for iPhone and iPad.
  • Automatically add web bookmarks to Instapaper and GoodLinks (v. 1.3.1) for Hook Pro users.
  • New integrations: Merlin Project, GoodLinks, Notion and Zoom.
  • Improved integrations: Fantastical & Apple Books.
Please note
  • We’ve moved the Gear button back down to the status bar.
  • The first time you launch this version of Hook, Hook’s initialization period might be longish due to Hook updating its internal database. Please don’t force quit Hook while it is doing that.

Detailed release notes

  • NEW: There is now a new global keyboard shortcut for getting the Hook window: ⌃H. This change will not remove the previous keyboard shortcut assignment. You can now have two alternative global shortcuts to invoke the Hook window. You can enable/disable either/both in Hook’s Keyboard Shortcuts preferences.
  • NEW: You can now choose to sync Hook data directly to iCloud. This will only create/update a few files, rather than the very numerous files the other syncing method creates. The other sync method is still available. See Sync Tab – Hook. Use this sync if you’d like to access these bookmarks on iPhone and iPad when the companion app becomes available.
  • NEW: A new General preference enables you to choose the folder in which to store your Hook files. The default folder remains ~/Documents/Hook.
  • NEW command: Copy Selection and Link (⌃Q, for “quote”). With this singular single command, you can copy both the current selection and a link to the current document! Bonus: if applied within a compatible PDF app, this command yields a deep link 😊.
  • NEW command: Open All Hooked Items (⌃⇧O). Want to open everything you’ve hooked to the current item (reflected in the titlebar)? Just use this command.
  • IMPROVED : Based on user studies and developments of Hook, we have moved the Gear button back to the bottom right of the status bar.
  • IMPROVED: When you hover over the title bar, Hook will draw a faint border around the title label and sandwich button. This is to convey a bit more clearly that the Title item is that to which the main commands apply.
  • IMPROVED: In many ways, Hook now better conveys the status of your Updates license.
  • IMPROVED wording and interactions in several of Hook’s preferences panels.
  • IMPROVED bookmarks and links created for Apple Books items now include the author and year. Example: Kevin J. Mitchell – 2018 – Innate.
  • IMPROVED Optimized AppleScript automation.
  • FIXED: Some Pinboard URL parameters previously would be ignored by Hook.
  • FIXED: menu bar icon > Gear Menu > Updates did not update integration scripts.
  • FIXED a problem that could prevent Hook’s integration with some websites to be updated.
  • FIXED some software exceptions.
  • FIXED a bug that caused focusing on a search result to yield all the search results.
  • FIXED: Label was truncated in Hook’s Notes Preferences pane when the warning “built-in templates were out of date” was displayed.

New and improved software integrations

As always, use of integrations requires the third-party integration which are not included with Hook.

  • Hook 3.2 works with Merlin Project by Project Wizards. Merlin project is august cross-platform project-management software used by customers in over 150 countries in all kinds of industries. See Using Hook with Merlin Project.
  • You can now hook your Zoom meetings to your agenda items, meeting notes, contact information and anything else that is linkable.
  • Hook Pro can now now automatically add bookmarks to the Instapaper bookmarking service and GoodLinks v. 1.3.1. If enabled, every time you add a web bookmark to Hook, Hook adds a corresponding bookmark to Instapaper and/or GoodLinks. The Instapaper app itself, however, is not currently supported because it lacks an API. And GoodLinks is an app, not a web service.
  • NB: Version 1.3.1 or later of GoodLinks required for auto-bookmark addition. If you enable GoodLinks “service” , please ensure GoodLinks is installed, or a dialog box may be presented that looks for it.
  • Hook’s integration with Fantastical by Flexibits used to be UI scripted. But recently, Flexibits became a truly linkable app. So Hook now uses Fantastical’s new AppleScript to link to Fantastical events.
  • Hook now supports the GoodLinks bookmarking app.
  • Updated Tinderbox integration to also cover version Tinderbox version 8.
  • Hook 3.2 adds preliminary support for the Notion app. See Using Hook With Notion for details.
  • This release broadens the support for HoudahSpot.

Documentation updates

We are still writing up the customer documentation for this release. This document will be updated with links to new or updated help pages.

Eligibility for updates

Hook software updates are free to any Hook CogSci Apps customer with a valid Hook Updates license. Hook Pro and Hook Essentials each come with one year of free access to updates.

If your Hook Updates license has expired and you apply this update, please note that Hook will revert to Lite mode until you purchase a license. (Hook will later have a built-in warning as part of its in-app update.) However, you can then :

a. apply a valid Updates license, which will give you access to the full Essentials or Pro functionality; or
b. revert to a previous version of Hook that was released during your Updates License period.

Next steps

So please

and enjoy 😊 .