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Ditch the tedium of filing and searching.

Remain focused.

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Write Swiftly

The insidious friction in writing is searching for supporting PDFs, notes, outlines, data files, tasks, emails, figures, etc. Hookmark removes the friction. Hookmark links your draft to supporting information; use these links to instantly get from your draft to supporting information, and vice-versa. Search not; just focus.

Ubiquitous ‘Copy Link’!

Instantly create and use links to all kinds of information: files, emails, tasks and much more! Paste links in your notes, task lists, or anywhere else where you will need them! Use them to instantly return to the information you need, wherever it is.

To copy a link to the current item in the foreground app, just invoke Hookmark’s contextual window (⌃H or with menu bar icon) and use the Copy Link command (⌘C). Works with any link-friendly app!

Frictionless note-taking!

Without Hookmark, creating associative notes is virtually impossible. The solution: invoke Hookmark’s Hook to New (⌘N) command in a source (web page, PDF, file, etc.): Hookmark instantly creates, names and stores a new note in the app of your choice, with a 2-way link (“a hook”) between the note and the source! Result: you can navigate swiftly from the source to the note and vice-versa. No friction, pure focus!

Automatic Smart-Bookmarking

Find anything you’ve linked

Other bookmarking apps have 2 major limitations: they can only bookmark web pages; you need to remember to manually add the bookmark. We at CogSci Apps discovered the clearest signal of information relevance: that you copied a link to it!

So, Hookmark automatically bookmarks the links you copy. Not just to web pages, but important items from all your favorite apps: emails, tasks, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Type ⌘B in Hookmark to see your links. Learn more

Deep PDF Links

Link to specific locations in PDFs—Adaptive and shareable!

Select text in a link-friendly PDF app; use Hookmark’s “Copy Link” (⌘C). Paste the aptly-named link in your notes, todo list, doc-review comments, tasks lists, even in emails. With Hookmark’s “Copy Quote” command, copy the link AND the selection in one go. Clicking on the link will (a) open the PDF, and (b) auto-scroll to that specific location in the file! Share these links with others: they can open the shared files on their Macs. Magic!

Hookmark delivers what researchers, lawyers & others have needed since the dawn of PDF! Learn more

Brett Terpstra

Coder (Marked 2, nvALT, SearchLinks, nvUltra etc.), author, web developer.

“[Hookmark] connects parts of my workflow that I’ve long-believed would never be connectable.”

William Gallagher

58 keys

“It isn’t just fine, it’s just brilliant! The speed, it is tremendous. More than the measurable speed. It’s the way it feels because I’m not stopping to think let’s go to Mail, find the email, read this. I’m just thinking: I need this, I’m there. And I’m back again. And that is worth getting and worth practicing.”

David Sparks


“[Hookmark] is the link-everything app for your Mac. It creates links to files, email, and other digital bits, letting you easily “hook” things together. It’s increasingly becoming part of my contextual computing workflow.”

Get more out of your favorite apps

Know your bookmarks are private

Hookmark stores your bookmarks on your Mac. You can sync your data across devices with iCloud or a folder of your choice. Either way, your data are not sent to our servers. Learn more.

Stay in the zone when creating

Nobody wants to rummage around for documents when they’re on a roll. Stay focused on your writing by letting Hookmark recall your outline, reference material, notes, images, contact information and more right when you need it. Once you’ve “hooked” information to your draft, invoke Hookmark’s context window from your draft to see the hooked items; or vice versa. Hooks are like items pinned to your draft that you see when you invoke Hookmark on the draft (or on whatever else you have hooked stuff to). Learn more.

Be nicer to your network: share Hookmark links

It’s a hassle to receive an email asking you to edit a file, only to have to dig around the Finder, iCloud, Dropbox, or a Git folder to find the file. With one Hookmark command (⌘C), you can instantly create a shareable link that your recipients can click which reveals the specified file on their Mac! You can even send them a link that opens a PDF they have on their Mac and automatically scrolls to the specific location in that PDF! Hookmark Basic is free; it can open links they receive, as long as they already have access to the file.

Instantly retrieve any type of project information

Instead of trying to remember to save different files to specific folders and sub-folders, let Hookmark bring your most important work together. For instance, your todo list can contain links to specific files and emails to work on! Learn more.

Hookmark connects information in and between great apps such as Obsidian, Bookends, Zotero, DEVONthink, Craft, OmniOutliner Pro, Bike, Curio, Marked2, TextMate, Scrivener, Tinderbox, GoodTask, Nisus Writer, Nitro PDF, Skim, Sketch, Bike, OmniGraffle, HoudahSpot, LibreOffice, MailMate, Airmail, Apple Mail, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, BBEdit, Things and many more. Hookmark links your research and development! Learn more.

Enjoy Hookmark’s adaptive links to files

macOS file:// links are hard to get; they break when you move the file; and you can’t share them. Hookmark file links are much better. Select a file in Finder (or open it), invoke Hookmark (⌃H) and Copy Link (⌘C). You’ll get a hook://file/ link. You can move or rename the file without breaking the link. It’s like a Finder alias; but it’s (a) a link; (b) more versatile; and (c) shareable. Learn more.

Share links to emails too! While an email is open or selected (in Apple Mail, etc.), invoke Hookmark, and Copy Link (⌘C) creates a link to that email; send it to others, and when they click that link, Hookmark opens the email on their Mac.

As long as the recipient has the shared file or email, and the free version of Hookmark: it’s like magic, and they’ll love you for respecting their time. Who knows, maybe they’ll return the favor? Learn more.

Get more out of your other bookmarking software too

Hookmark Pro can automatically bookmark to Instapaper, GoodLinks and Pinboard. You don’t have to remember to add bookmarks to them. Learn more.

Enjoy interoperability

We at CogSci Apps are seasoned devs with roots in UNIX who champion interoperability and have built Hookmark for eternal use. Our co-founders launched a linking-interoperability movement involving 22 other devs and thought leaders: The Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking! You can sign it too. Hookmark obeys macOS guidelines and applicable standards. It is plaintext friendly. Pro users can inspect and edit integration scripts. You can export/import Hookmark data. Hookmark has an API so you can access all your links and execute core functions with automation. Learn more.

Instantly get Markdown links — to nearly anything

If you use Markdown, you’ll love Hookmark. Hookmark lets you instantly create Markdown links to the current file, web page, and more, that you can paste anywhere. Even create Hookmark files which are like aliases and webloc files, but instead contain a plaintext URL or markdown link. Learn more.

Hookmark comes with a 30-day Pro trial, after which it reverts to Hookmark Basic. Find out more.

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