Hookmark has received glowing reviews ever since its release in early 2019, and yet it keeps getting better. (Until Oct 23, 2022, Hookmark was known as “Hook”.)

Hook [now called “Hookmark”] is the link-everything app for your Mac. It creates links to files, email, and other digital bits, letting you easily “hook” things together. It’s increasingly becoming part of my contextual computing workflow.(David Sparks a.k.a. “MacSparky”)

There isn’t one practice area where lawyers couldn’t benefit enormously by using Hook [now called “Hookmark”].(A lawyer)

I absolutely love your work, the flexibility of workflow thanks to these features is insane. 😊 (@piotr)

I am loving, but loving Hook [now called “Hookmark”]. For someone with a “difficult” memory like myself, it is an essential tool multiplying my productivity… and relieving so much stress!(Anonymous)

I really – REALLY – like this product. Great job! (anonymous)

Hook [now called “Hookmark”] is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever installed on my Mac. Thanks for making it.(@DonRabideau)

Your Hook [now called “Hookmark”] app has literally changed my entire life for the better. Being able to cohesively link hundreds of research materials together allows me to fully concentrate on my creating, instead of losing my mind and countless hours searching for the one link needed that I can no longer remember where I put it!(anonymous)

Thank you for Hook [now called “Hookmark”], which I love, I’ve been looking forever for an app that does what [Hookmark] does!(@AndrewC)

A big fan of Hook [now called “Hookmark”] Productivity here. I’ve always wanted a program like [Hookmark] and it has been changing my work routine so much since I started using [Hookmark]. […] Thank you again for making such a wonderful program for a professional researcher.(@shinsooyun)

It isn’t just fine, it’s just brilliant! The speed, it is tremendous. More than the measurable speed. It’s the way it feels because I’m not stopping to think let’s go to Mail, find the email, read this. I’m just thinking: I need this, I’m there. And I’m back again. And that is worth getting and worth practicing.(William Gallagher of 58 keys)

I am relying upon Hook [now called “Hookmark”] more and more, esp. to streamline the process of accessing multiple sub-directories scattered across my Mac and Synology server to complete various projects. [Hookmark] “reels in the fish!”(Anonymous)

Hook [now called “Hookmark”] has saved me an innumerable number of hours!(Damian)

How have I not heard about @HookProductvT before today?! Incredible Mac App that lets you make bidirectional links between any files on your system (or web pages). Basically Roam for OS. Totally a missing piece I’ve been looking for. Highly recommend.(Conor White-Sullivan: CEO, Roam Research.)

this is totally something I’m going to be recommending to Roam users as a complementary tool(Conor White-Sullivan: CEO, Roam Research)

Hook [now called “Hookmark”] connects parts of my workflow that I’ve long-believed would never be connectable.(Brett Terpstra aka @ttscoff)

[Hook [now called “Hookmark”] had a big year in 2021](https://brettterpstra.com/2022/01/15/bretts-favorites-2021) if you want to always have relevant files and documents at your fingertips while you’re working without spending time searching, it’s worth learning how [Hookmark] can help.(Brett Terpstra aka @ttscoff)

Very excited to see that @HookProductvT links might soon be useable on iPad! The missing link! A great (and essential) tool keeps getting better and better!(@bryanhughes)

Finally checked out @HookProductvT app tonight, and it’s blowing my mind. The deep linking into PDFs with Skim PDF app makes academic writing so much easier.(@pronetobits)

It’s an understatement to say this is “handy” … especially if you have several projects going at the same time and who doesn’t?

its usefulness as a project “hub” in [Workflowy] is worth the cost of the Pro version. As far as I’m concerned, Hook [now called “Hookmark”] and WF are a match made in heaven.

thank you for a terrific app. I’m finding new uses for it all the time.(@prob)

“Hook [now called “Hookmark”] is proving to be such a task-management game-changer, I just wish I could get around these blank Firefox tabs! Maybe I’ll just have to live with them? (I’m not going back to Chrome…)” (@ashcreighton)

This is a fantastic app… takes a little to get your head round it, but once you do, it unlocks so many possibilities!! (@joelafferty)

it’s such a powerful concept!(@Rickenharp)

Daily haiku: just discovered the Hook [now called “Hookmark”] mac app. I’m already Hook’ed. (spoiler: lets you create hyperlinks between apps for anything — emails, files, whatever you can think of.)(@AlexRChampagne)

Let me just say this: OH MY GOD WHY HAVE I NOT KNOWN THIS APP BEFORE. I sometimes use URIs, but they’re so limited. Thank you so much for creating it!(anonymous)

In brighter news today, I have discovered an amazing little tool–the @HookProductvT app. Just one e.g.: I can create a link from each email I open in the AM to add to a paper, list, file, anything… later, when working in the file, click the link and it opens the email. Magic!(@DrJenOverbeck)

Hook [now called “Hookmark”] was often mentioned as being super useful and so I decided to give it a try myself and I was not disappointed! For me as an academic it is great to be able to create relations between the different apps I use for research – I make “hooks” from Bookends for my references / use “hooks’ in Scrivener when I write / make “hooks’ from entries in Devonthink (my database) / and I am also using [Hookmark] with Craft for notes and to create links to email messages in Craft.(anonymous)

It is a very useful app for a student of history doing heaps of online research. (anonymous-student)

highly impressed with how it made me from Messy and unorganized to highly intellectual and well-organized with my overall workflow.(anonymous)

“Thanks much for the great functionality that Hook [now called “Hookmark”] provides. It’s been extremely useful. I use it with Obsidian and [MarginNote and DEVONthink] to link related research sources together.” (anonymous student)

“I use @HookProductvT to link tasks, (Craft) documents, calendar events and files. Hook [now called “Hookmark”] has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s the missing glue for my productivity system.” (@tafkaf)

Thank you for Hook [now called “Hookmark”]. It’s a fantastic application that I use many times a day. […] I’m happy to enthusiastically recommend [Hookmark]. (anonymous)

Wow, Hookmarks are like magic bookmarks on steroids. Awesome! (anonymous)

Seriously, Apple should just buy @CogSciApps’ Hook [now called “Hookmark”] app and implement it into macOS on a deeper level. Such a phenomenal yet somehow basic idea.(@fab1An)

Our response to the latter tweet: Well, given that we’ve been doing R&D on linking related tech at Simon Fraser University since 2002 and at CogSci Apps Corp. since 2015, Apple is welcome to ask us for consulting services. In fact, after Steve Jobs announced the iPad in 2010, Steve accepted Prof. Beaudoin’s offer for a white paper on cognitive productivity, which Luc promptly provided. 😊 Luc then extended these white papers into two Cognitive Productivity books and with CogSci Apps, Hookmark.

Check out Hookmark’s Ratings and reviews on Setapp.

As of 2023-11-22, we have a 96% rating there (on Setapp). (The only negative reviews are from people who do not yet understand the software. We are working to facilitate the on-boarding.)